Saturday, October 28, 2006

NFL Picks week 9

Not a lot of time here because of Halloween party preparations. I am really mad about my picks last week. I am slowly approaching Simmons level of incompetence.

PACKERS -3.5 over Cardinals
Arizona on the road, no way. Ahman Green looked decent last week which will help Brett out. He'll still throw a pick, but it will help him out.

BENGALS -3.5 over Falcons
Cincy at home sounds good. They should have Henry back and that will help the offense.

NEW ORLEANS -1 over Ravens
The Ravens do not have the offense to keep up with the Saints.

TITANS -3 over Texans
I can't take the Texans on the road.

EAGLES -7.5 over Jags
The Jags are missing too many guys on defense to contain McNabb.

KC -4 over Seattle
Ugly match up, but the Hawks are not doing anything with Seneca Wallace leading their team.

BEARS -16 over 49ers
Bears might win 17-0. I think the Arizona game might have exposed how to get to Grossman with pressure.

GIANTS -9 over Bucs
If the Bears lose their touch on offense, it is entirely possible that the Giants could win the NFC. They beat the Cowboys down last week. It all revolves around Tiki. Stop him, you stop them. Unfortunately for opposing teams, he is tough to stop.

Rams +9.5 over CHARGERS
Marty finds ways to lose for this team.

Indy +3 over Denver
Peyton or Plummer, easy to decide.

Jets +2 over Browns
I can't wait for the Jets to make the playoffs and get their ass whupped by a weak dvision winner. Watch a team tank to get them as a match up rather than the other wild card team.

Steelers -9 over RAIDERS
No, I am not wagering on these Raiders yet. That was one game versus a horrible team whow as shell shocked from the week before.

Cowboys +6 over Panthers
I like Dallas' D being able to contain the Panthers attack. This game might be 17-14.

VIKINGS +2 over Pats
The Pats are 5-1, but who besides the Bengals have they beaten? Oh yeah, that murderers row of AFC East foes.

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