Friday, September 22, 2006

NFL week 3 picks

NFL 2006 has begun and already Super Bowl picks are being rescinded. The backers of the Dlophins and Panthers feel a little shaky right now. Fortunately, the Panthers can blame Steve Smith's bum hamstring; the Phins just have a crappy quarterback. What I don't understand about Miami is that they did not use ronnie brown early in the 2nd half to help settle Daunte down. I am not saying that because Ronnie is on my fantasy team. I was happy with the 12 points he gave me, but was seriously thrown off by Miami's attempts to throw the ball when the Pats showed the week before you can run on the Bills smaller D.

As far as fantasy football, I am now 2-0 and lead the league in points. I faced the team with Peyton Manning last week, and survived his 400 yard 3 TD performance. I just want to rack up the wins early because we only have a 4 team playoff. Rudi Johnson, thank you for falling to pick number 12 in the draft, thank you idiot fantasy GMs. My fantasy football league has many campaign managers/workers for Democrats; their ineptitude works in football as well.

Panthers -3 over BUCS
Steve Smith has to be playing this week? right? The Panthers lost last week on a fluke fumble versus a better defense than the one they will face this week. The Bucs D finally looks old. I can't believe it happened now in 2006.

BROWNS +7 over Ravens
I'm taking the points here because this should be a hideously ugly game to watch. The kind of 13-7, 12-6 AFC North match up we have all come to hate. I don't want to spoil the party, but Steve McNair isn't looking like 2000 McNair. He looks like an old man who is holding on. If Jamal Lewis plays (listed as questionable), he could get 125 yards as the Browns defense still looks awful. I'd hate that as he is on my opponent's fantasy team this week.

Bengals +2 over STEELERS
I hate going against the Steelers at home, but the Bengals have looked vastly surperior on offense compared to the Steelers. The Steelers O has had no real flow the last two weeks, and the Bengals will put up points. If Troy Polamula is still playing at 50%, Palmer should have a good day. I'm looking for Palmer to torch the secondary early, softening up the defense for Rudi Johnson to slice through in the second half.

Green Bay +7 over DETROIT
The Lions still suck, and Matt Millen should be gone midway through this year. He is a retard, and has a job because he has pictures of the Ford family doing unspeakable things to dogs. I think Favre is going to go bonkers this week, and find Donald Driver 10 times. He does not want to start 0-3 and open the Aaron Rodgers door.

MIAMI -10.5 over Titans
The Titans have no offense and face Nick Saban's schemes. They might score a TD. On the other side, Ronnie Brown should put up 100+ on the Titans D. Take the pressure off of Daunte and move the ball on the ground. When Daunte does not have the weight of the game on his shoulders, he can relax and bomb away.

COLTS -7 over Jags
If this were in Jacksonville, I'd take the points. I just don't see the Jags offense keeping up with the Colts. The Jags are not afraid of the Colts, but I can still see Peyton and Co. putting up 350 yards throught he air on them.

BILLS -5.5 over Jets
This is because the Bills D faces up well against the Jets O. The Jets move throught he air and this si playing to the strength of the Bills. I can see this game being a 20-10 special. The Bills defense is fast enough to negate the use of the screens, which is about Chad Pennington's range.

Chicago -3.5 over VIKINGS
I believe in the Bears defense, and I believe they have a good enough ground game to open things up over the top for Grossman. The Bears defense is as potent as last year's version, maybe better, and the now have a QB who can take advantage of the play action passes down the field.

TEXANS +4 over Washington
The Skins can't move the ball without Portis being healthy, and he still is not 100%. They looked pathetic last week against the Cowboys. The Texans can move the ball through the air, which is a weakness of the Skins D now, but their defense still stinks. In their defense, they have gone up against the Eagles and Colts in back to back weeks.

Eagles -6 over NINERS
I like how the Eagles say they are going to run more, and then do not follow through because their running game sucks. You have to love how they signed Brian Westbrook to an extension and he still cannot close out games for them. "He's perfect for the west coast offense of reid and co", ummm, no he does not put games away when the west coast offense has given your team a lead. He is no Roger Craig. I think the Niners are still a ways away before they can contend with the likes of the Eagles defense.

Giants +3.5 over SEATTLE
While I dislike this pick, the Giants have looked better in their two games than the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks miss Hutch, and the Deion Branch trade smells of desperation to improve their passing game. Also of note: the sports guy called another QB "knack for pulling lucky throws out of his ass". Ummm, Tom Brady. Anyone else know a QB who trows so often while almost on the ground that is was considered strange when he got picked off (MNF loss to Miami 2 years ago) doing that very thing and no one said "jeez, he does that on a regular basis, you knew it would happen sometime". Go back to doing what you do best Simmons, ripping other screenwriters' sports movies while never writing your own sports movie script.

CARDINALS -4.5 over Rams
I like Arizona at home, I am a big fan of them when someone else has to travel. The Rams also have this problem of putting the ball in the end zone. I don't think that will cut it this week versus the offense of the Cards.

Broncos +7 over PATRIOTS
The Patriots do not blow out teams, even the bad ones (see last two weeks). This is going to be a low scoring affair, and the 7 is very tempting. The Broncos defense is too good to give up 20 or more to the Pats. I also don't know how well the Pats are going to do against a team that has a more balanced offense than the last two they have faced. I also want to make it known that I hope Tedy Bruschi makes it through this season alright. I can't be the only person who fears the team doctors carting him off one Sunday.

SAINTS +4 over Falcons
It's all about emotion. A return to the Superdome. Reggie Bush's national television NFL debut. A crazy home crowd. No matter what, I am staying up to watch the entire game. I hope you all do, too.

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