Saturday, September 16, 2006

NFL Week 2 picks

One week down in this glorious season. As a Cowboys fan, I was stunned by the first quarter of the Jags-Cowboys game. watching what looked like a Super Bowl team. Reality then set in for the next 3 quarters. The NFC East is going to be a huge battle this season, and I think that it is going to come down to scheduling and who can win the intradivison games on the road. Scheduling favors the Eagles, but do they have a defense to contain the Giants? Maybe. Do they have an offense to put up points against the Cowboys? Ehhh.

RAVENS -12 over Oakland
The Ravens D looked revamped and rejuvenated. They actually had something going on offense versus a Tampa Bay team known for their defense. They get to beat up on a terrible Oakland team. I kind of want Oakland to go 0-16 to see if Randy Moss goes insane. It would guarantee them that they could draft Brady Quinn, and everyone knows Al Davis loves quarterbacks with strong arms. Why else would they have brought Jeff Geroge out of retirement?

BENGALS -10 over Browns
The Bengals D will stifle the offense of the Browns. It will probably make all of those people who picked up Kellen Winslow off of waivers look stupid this week. I'd like to see another big game from Rudi Johnson for my fantasy team; like a multi-TD game. Carson still is not 100%, listen to me Marvin Lewis.

MIAMI -6 over Bills
Nick Saban will belittle his team all week for their performance on Thursday Night. They have 10 days of rest, home field advantage, and a Bills team with a shaky QB coming to town? Throwing well for one half on the Patriots is one thing, throwing on the Dolphins is another. I also like the prospects of the Dolphins running game. The Bills were sliced by Maroney and Dillon all day. Ronnie Brown should have some clear avenues this game and help the Dolphins control the clock. They need this to help Culpepper stay calm.

INDY -13 over Houston
I'd go so far as to give up more points so my payout could be better with this game. I face Manning this week in fantasy football, wrong week, he'll probably throw 5 TDs. I like Indy's chances this year, but they need to figure out how to get a rythmn to their run game. If they do not, it will just play into the hands of the defensive schemes of the Chargers/Steelers/Pats (yes even the aging Pats).

BEARS -9 over Lions
I can't take the Lions on the road. I also can't take them on the road versus the Bears defense. The Lions D looked good versus the Seahawks but remember the Seahawks don't have Hutch anymore. With no passing options it was easier to stack the line than years past. I also like the way the Bears work their ground game and use play action pass. They effectively use their TE too. I can see this game being 16-0 or 16-3.

EAGLES -3 over Giants
I think the Iggles can contain the Giants this week. This will be a traditional, tough NFC East game with a final score of 20-17 or something low. That of course trounces the promotions of this game which are all focused on the offensive stars. I don't like how the Iggles don't have a run game, but it can still win them regular season games.

Panthers +1 over VIKINGS
The Panthers will not lose two in a row. Fox is too tough a coach to let them drop the ball twice. I also had to start picking road teams. Steve Smith is coming back right?

FALCONS -5.5 over Bucs
I hate how the NFC South is doing this rotational "who is the good team thing" again. Why can't they just have one cominant team and then a bunch of douchey challengers like the AFC East? It makes gambling much easier. I did catch some of the Falcons game, and it looked like Madden 05 come to life. Vick gunning like 10 passes and then scrambling like his college days. I think Vick will get injured by week 10. Then Schaub will lead them to a 6-0 mark to finish the year, and the Falcons finally trade Vick to Oakland for the number 1 pick (Adrian Peterson in this case).

Saints +3 over PACKERS
How did the Pack get the back to back home games to start the season? Lame. I am a Saints fan while they have Reggie Bush. Before this season, when they added Brees and Bush I looked at the over/under for their total wins and said, let's put cash on the over. I believe it can happen. In fact, I think they will win this game, go into the week 3 home opener with a 2-0 record and play the Falcons tough, getting tons of press coverage along the way. The Bush phenomenon is awesome. He had 140 total yards, caught, ran, returned with some flash, and off the field he is donating tons to charity and giving the people down their some love. Between that and Drew Brees taking a full page ad in the New Orleans's Times Picayune (sp?), the karma is stored up for this team.

Cardinals +7 over SEAHAWKS
I think the Madden jinx is alive and well. This is besides the fact that Shaun Alexander had 430 carries last year at age 29. I also think that the Seahawks had tons of lucky breaks last year to go 13-3. I also think Arizona could put up 30 on the Hawks. I trust Dennis Green for some reason. The guy always was coaching with an axe over his head and made the playoffs continuously in Minnesota.

Pats -6 over JETS
I dislike the Pats but this Jets team is bad, despite beating the Titans on the road. Here's 2 questions about the Pats: don't you think after a while the tight ends get mad with all of the TDs that go to LBs and linemen? Don't you also think the RBs get mad with all of the TDs that are 5 yard or less play action passes? It's like the team deliberately keeps some players stats down sot hey do not have to pay them off with decent contracts.

DENVER -10.5 over Chiefs
No Trent Green, no money on the Chiefs. That his was really horrible and should have brought on a flag. I also like the Broncos running game against the swiss cheese D of the Chiefs.

St. Louis -3 over the 49ERS
The Rams drove the ball and their defense looked great. I kind of wish they could have punched one into the endzone, but that shouldn't be a problem versus the 49ers defense. This is not Denver's vaunted D, it's the freakin' Niners. One thing that needs to be brought to people's attention is the amazing run of RBs that have come out of Miami University since the mid 90s. The list is amazing: Gore, McGahee, Portis, the Edge, Jimmy Stewart. The LBs have been awesome as well, but those scouts know what they are doing.

CHARGERS -11.5 over Titans
Ladainian is going to have huge games while the Chargers bring Rivers along. It will be fun watching him run over teams. I think by the end of the year he'll have at least 6 25+ carry games under his belt. It will probably ruin him for next year, but it will be fun to watch. Because the Chargers did not make the playoffs last year, LT and the gang got some extra rest. I've got a feeling they are winning their division. They have the schedule, the RB and the defense to do it.

COWBOYS -6 over Redskins
I know this game will probably end up 13-10 to spite me, but I just can't go against the Boys in their home opener against that pathetic Skins team from last Monday. A frustrating part of the Old Bledsoe experience is the flashes of brilliance between the mediocrity. I just don't know how this happens. Brunell, Favre and Bledsoe all go through this, and maybe it is a sign to leave the game. My question to the Cowboys' fans is, who is the long term answer at QB? It's been the problem since the Aikman era ended.

JACKSONVILLE +3 over Steelers
Home on Monday night and the Steelers do not have Big Ben. Sorry for doubting you last week Jacksonville.

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