Saturday, September 09, 2006

NFL Picks and some college football observations

Looks like Notre Dame is going to get the push to be in the BCS and hopefully for ratings sake, the national championship. They still have a bad defense that is not up to speed with the likes of Ohio State, Texas, etc. I hope they fall on their face like last year. The OSU-Texas game is very entertaining. I am amazed how the Longhorns are running the show with a Frosh QB. Maybe I shouldn't as they had a killer offense with Mr. 6 Wonderlic test score QB last year. I hope the game keeps up the great defensive play and running (I am pro running the ball, anti-West Coast gay passing). Now with this week's picks for the NFL.

I have to retro pick this, but if anyone picked the Dolphins to win on Thursday they are retarded. Steelers to cover was a no brainer. I have several co-workers who went to the game, and they had been talking about it for weeks. There was no way Pittsburgh was losing.

Bills +10 over PATS
I don't like the Pats when they are giving this many points, plus last year the Bills should have beat the Pats in Foxboro when Willis ran wild. They will cover and willis will have 30 carries.

TAMPA BAY -3 over Ravens
I think this will be low scoring, so a wager on the under would not be bad either. Both teams have some old defenses, sad reminder of what was in the early 2000s.

TITANS -2.5 over Jets
Pinnacle has the spread at -7. That might be more appropriate. I can see the Jets going 0-16, just so they draft Pederson out of Oklahoma. Then again, if they do not see any development or promise out of the Clemons kid, they could draft Brady Quinn. I can't believe I am talking draft before week 1, stop the Mel Kiper routine.

RAMS +4 over Broncos
The Rams at home are usually tough, and after the housecleaning this offseason, should be in the clear. Maybe now with Martz gone they will have a RB carry the ball more than 15 times in a game. I wish I had Steven Jackson on my fantasy team.

BROWNS -3 over Saints
Maybe I'd go with the Saints if they were home, but the Browns are hungry and Willie McGinest sounds incredibly angry. Some of his comments this offseason have been bitter. Belicheck needs to take his head out of his @ss and maybe pay up to keep someone. You won 3 Super Bowls with a great core and some serious luck, the core is almost all gone now.

Seattle -6 over DETROIT
I am tempted by the idea of Kitna with all of the talent around him, but The Hawks are going to steamroll their defense. Losing Hutchinson because they cheaped out and transition tagged him rather than franchise tag him was stupid, but then again, this team delayed signing Shaun Alexander to a huge contract and franchised him, therefore giving out more guaranteed money than they would have had to if they did it a year earlier.

Cincy +7.5 (really Pinnacle is off or something) over CHIEFS
The Chiefs lost their two tackles, and everyone is a year older. Their defense is still sh*tty, and Carson Palmer should have enough in him to handle their secondary. It is easy to throw deep on the Chiefs; it has been for 4 years now.

Eagles -5.5 over TEXANS
F-you Texans and how you screwed over Reggie Bush from the number 1 overall pick. All for a defensive lineman who was not the best guy on his team in college. Oh yeah, enjoy another 3-13 season.

PANTHERS -5 over Atlanta
The Falcons on the road with an older Warrick Dunn and nobody for Vick to throw to, no way. I don't like them this season at all. Then again, this might be the year Vick reverts back to his Va Tech days and carries them to the SB.

Cowboys +2.5 over JAGUARS
Dallas needs to start quick and fast this year if they expect to win the NFC East and keep TO happy or at least tolerable. I also don't like the Jags as they have a difficult schedule this year after the cakewalk they had last season. They are not going to sneak up on anyone this year.

CARDINALS -7.5 over 49ers
The Cards are good against the spread at home, and the 49ers just plain suck. If they had not been suckered into the Alex Smith project (he's smaller than me and an NFL QB), they could have had a combination of Ronnie Brown/Cadillac/Benson at RB with Vince Young/Matt Leinart at QB. Kurt Warner will throw for 300 yards this game.

Bears -3.5 over GREEN BAY
Green Bay could go 3-13 this year and then be fortunate to get a shot at Brady Quinn so the nation can suffer through more shots of Mrs AJ Hawk at games. Sorry, she just isn't hot to me. Kind of looks porny with bad hair.

Colts -3 over GIANTS
I don't buy the Giants being the chic pick for the NFC East crown. Before Clinton Portis' injury, I would have said Washington, then Dallas, then Philly, then NY. Tiki has a lot of miles on him now, and he won't carry them again. You can't have 3 career years in a row.

Vikings +4.5 over WASHINGTON
Sorry, I saw the Skins up close and personal at Foxboro. Their offense is horrible without a healthy Portis. God Awful.

Chargers -3 over OAKLAND
San Diego, Schottenheimer in particular, hates the Raiders. He will go out of his way to punish them. LT should get 25 carries this game.

Good luck. Hey, Look! The Texas Longhorns start their season like the ended it against USC, a terrible call by the officials leads to a Texas touchdown. F-u Longhorns!

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