Monday, August 14, 2006

baseball and football

it's sad to be an orioles fan and know you have a decent team of position players but only one pitcher you trust. i just wish they could do a rotational program where an AL East team could play in another american league division for 1 season, while rotating a non-al east team into that division to face the 190 mil Yankees and 120 mil Red Sox 40 times. Not much separated them in 2004 from the division winning Minnesota Twins of the joke AL Central (AL Central rocks this year), maybe just Johan Santana. It's disappointing.

What is not disappointing is looking forward to the NFL season as a Cowboys fan. I severely dislike T.O., but he is an amazing talent. It is a deal with the devil to get to the Super Bowl from the weak conference. I still think that he is the closest thing we will see to a college age, irrational female playing in the NFL. With Clinton Portis separating/dislocating his shoulder, the division might be the Cowboys to lose early on. The Redskins have the talent in place on defense and the smurf wide receivers, but they need Portis big time to keep leads and pace the game. When he wasn't healthy in the playoffs, the Skins offense was terrible. Washington has a killer stretch in weeks 4-12, so if the Cowboys can take the first game from them and be 3-0 when they roll into Philly, it will put more pressure on the skins to do better than .500 in that tough stretch.

Once I figure out my fantasy football draft, I will let you know how my team looks. I am kind of worried about dipping back into the fantasy football pool again. I was back to back champ in my old league and would have enjoyed going out on top. I'm worried joining this new league may tarnish my legacy. Who am I kidding? It is another opportunity to trash talk with d-bags.

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