Sunday, April 30, 2006

NFL Draft Thoughts

How did the Texans not trade the pick and get some value for a guy that they could have drafted with the 2, 3 or 4 pick????? Mario Williams for $54 mil and no other picks!?!??!?! Even the Saints would have traded up one to get Bush. They would have been better set to draft Bush and they trade him on draft day. So stupid. This is why the Texans are a horrible franchise.

This might be wrong to say but Marv Levy of the Bills but does the man have Alzheimers? They drafted two first rounders who were reaches at both picks. Stupid.

The Jets drafted well to juice their O-line, but I was expecting them to trade up for Bush. Heck, I've been predicting it since the season was winding down. I was sad because the Jets fans would have blown up if they had picked Bush, and they had the picks to trade.

Vince Young at number 3 (Titans) will be a project, and maybe Norm Chow is the guy to fix Vince Young. He did it with Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart, hold on, Jaworski on ESPN ripped Vince Young's mechanics to shreds. I don't think it will happen. Vince Young will be the sequel to Vick: great running but iffy passing skills. They did get a steal with LenDale White in the 2nd round. That was a great pick up for them. He can play the Eddie George role for Jeff Fisher. If they can develop Vince Young, in 5 years they'll have a QB hitting his prime and a power back at age 26 (not bad at all).

The Pats picked up some good pieces for the offense, but I was surprised they went with Maroney instead of DeAngelo Williams or Joseph Addai. Maroney is a Big Ten back, and Big Ten backs are usually Big Ten busts. I trust SEC RBs more because of the speed of the SEC defenses compared to the Big Ten.

I am ok with Dallas' draft picks. I wished for a free safety, and I was surprised they passed up on Ko Simpson in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. All in all, a decent draft and with last year's draft having another training camp under belt, Big D will have a young, fast D to throw at teams.

Lastly, I think with Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush sliding (Bush not sliding as much as being dissed by Houston), the two will now have chips on their shoulders to prove someone wrong. That's exactly what you want out of a big $$ prospect that you might worry about motivation. I can't wait to see the Saints first home game back in New Orleans. Whatever the line, I will wager on New Orleans defeating Atlanta that Monday night with new arrivals Bush and Brees busting up the Atlanta D.

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