Sunday, March 19, 2006

March madness and Foxwoods

March madness has been entertaining. There's been a few great endings and some intense games. Northern Iowa drained a three with under 1 second left to knock off 3 seed Iowa. It made the half day off from work worth it. Carmelo Anthony has developed a knack for draining late game shots in the NBA, and if you watched him at Syracuse, you knew he had that skill for raising his game. Adam Morrison this year has done the same thing. The pressure does not affect him, and he seems to live for the pressure. I look forward to his pro career to see if he pans out. Watch, he'll get drafted by the Hawks and suffer for 3 years.

A little trip to foxwoods happened on Friday and for 7 hours I could gamble. Why for so long, well I happened to do well at blackjack. I could not play poker as Foxwoods has completed their new poker room but it was not unveiled until Saturday morning. My friend and I stayed late but would not wait until 8 am. After doing well at blackjack but seeing my friend get taken tot he cleaners, I decided to go over to a craps table. I had a great time betting the pass line and placing "place bets" on the 6 and 8. Honestly, it is a lot scarier looking than it really is and you can get a ton of free drinks by hanging around. It takes a little longer to drain through your money at craps than at blackjack, which my friend Dave knew well before getting hammered at blackjack. I ended up for the night and had I not been nervous about throwing the dice I could have ended up higher had I not forgotten to gamble on myself......

A very loud african american came to our table proclaiming himself the ding ding man. This made my friend and I laugh out loud and the other gamblers at the table go "jeeee-sus". This guy managed to talk longer than he actual rolled the dice and bet. Ding ding means rolling an "11" in his vocabulary. He crapped out in 2 rolls. Well the dice come to me, and I have played craps before but had never rolled at a jam-packed table. I kept thinking "hit the wall hit the wall dont be a dinlo and throw the dice off the table". I made a simple pass line bet and forgot to place the 6 or 8. I even forgot to back up my pass line bet with odds. Well Mr. Ding Ding keeps asking me if I believe in myself and I calmly say "No," and roll the dice. I got hot and rolled about 15 times before crapping out. I was painting the corners and managed to hit 3 points before I crapped out (I keep typing it on purpose). Mr. Ding Ding was so happy he even placed a bet in my name. I was making the table that much money. Had I been betting normal, I could have ended up $300. I had points of 4, 6, and 10 and nailed all 3. If you don't know, 4 and 10 have the highest payoff rates for rolling as a point (2-1 payout). What was nice is that the "boxman" reminded me to back my pass line with odds and I did with $4. Not the normal $10-20 I was doing earlier. Yes, being paranoid about rolling correctly messed with my brain's ability to compute payouts and odds. Well after midnight my friend and I left Foxwoods and he asked me "Why were you so quiet at the craps table, you talk to anyone playing blackjack?" I replied, "I was paranoid I'd fuck up my throws and then got in a zone." I forgot an important rule while I was throwing: gambling is meant to be fun, so enjoy it.

Next time I got to Foxwoods, I will see the line at the poker tables, and if it is longer than 45 mins, I'll play some blackjack and then booze up at the craps tables. Now back to Grey's Anatomy, the ultimate chick show.

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