Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Halftime thoughts

Steelers can't run at all, yet still run and forget how well Big Ben played in the previous 3 games. The Seahawks aren't running well. Big Ben is making plays on his own after the shaky start. Seahawks are eating up the Steelers zone and picking up their pass rush. For some reason the Steelers aren't blitzing, which might be a halftime adjustment with how well the Seahawks are finding gaps in the zone. The seahawks' formations are indicative of their play calls. One good play action pass and Seattle has 6. The Steelers know it's a run with Alexander in there with a FB. The reviewed play was going to stand either way it was called. No way a Ref is going to overturn a close call unless there is indisputable proof.

Steelers need to get something on the ground as Big Ben calms down. They also need to call him some plays with easy outlets to build a rythmn. Where is Heath Miller in the playbook? They have to feel a little off that they aren't clicking, and the 'Hawks are moving on them consistently. The Seahawks have to feel good, they played great, had the breaks go against them but are within 1 TD. They need to get Alexander moving and mix up formations/play calling. I think the opening drive will determine everything. If the Hawks shut down Pittsburgh and then score, well, it will be all downhill because I don't like the Steelers having to come from behind as well as I like them with a lead to protect. If the Steelers can score a TD on the opening drive, sayonara Seattle. It would be 14-3 and the Steelers could start their lead protect scheme (which I dislike).

Enjoy the game!

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