Thursday, January 19, 2006

Divisional Round Reactions

Lessons learned after watching playoff football this weekend:
1. Big Ben is money.
2. Never let up after 100 yards, someone might blindside you.
3. No matter how great the QB, pressure forces mistakes & bad throws (Manning/Brady).
4. Steve Smith is a fast fast WR, double cover him.
5. Teams can forget what got them to the playoffs. Case in point: Da Bears & running the ball.
6. Rod Smith might be the best play ever who was not drafted.
7. Archie Manning's parents did something wrong to offend God and their descendants would be forever forced to suffer pain in high profile spots.
8. Karma. The Pats lost in the manner in which they always win.
9. You shouldn't give the MVP to a RB. Shaun Alexander went down and his team still won. An MVP is someone who is vital for victory, especially in the playoffs.
10. The Panthers play to the level of their competition. They shift gears and play very different games vs. very different opponents.

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