Saturday, December 03, 2005

Reggie Bush: My Heisman

I have already written about Reggie Bush's cutting ability and amazing potential in this post. I think he should get the Heisman, but I am worried that Vince Young is going to win the entire Midwest vote and win it. I think that since there is no real Eastern candidate, the East Coast writers should all vote rationally and give it to the most amazing college running back since Marshall Faulk. He didn't win it, but that was one of the worst robberies in the history of Heisman voting (see this article). Bush's vision, moves, and agility are best exemplified by this highlight tape from high school. I have never seen runs like this outside of a Madden video game.

Bush is my Heisman not just for his sick moves and ability. It is because he has played his best football when the Trojans needed him.explosiveness, along with Matt Leinart's arm, give the Trojans the ability to score on any play. This is what saved them int he game against Notre Dame, when Charlie Weis played clock ball and the refs kept ND in the game in the first half. If you look at the three big come from behind wins that the Trojans had this season, Arizona St.-Notre Dame-Fresno St., Bush averages 204 rushing yards, 35 receiving yards, 18 carries, 2.66 receptions, and some outstanding punt/kickoff returns. Something interesting about his stats is that he has one fumble, and that was on a kickoff versus Fresno St. Today and in the BCS, Bush will put his abilities on display for the nation to see what they will get to watch in the NFL for the next 5-10 years.

When it comes to the NFL, I think that Bush is going to have a good career, if he is used like Faulk was used by Vermeil and LT is used right now. Give him 15-25 carries and pass him the ball either out of the backfield or lined in the slot. It will be a fight to get that number 1 or 2 pick to get Bush. If the Texans continue to lose out, they can choose between keeping their no. 1 pick from 4 years ago & drafting Bush or dumping him and taking Leinart. They also could trade their pick for a basket full of picks like the Chargers have done twice and add some talent to their O-line and defense. I predict that the Jets will finish with the 2 or 3 pick. The 49ers might end up with the two pick and get antsy to draft Bush to reunite him with his high school quarterback, Alex Smith. Either team will make the Texans nice offers for that no. 1 pick unless they are assured the Texans are taking Leinart. I'd love to be in the Texans war room that morning. The NFL will be very anxious about putting Bush in a big market, and heaven &earth will be moved to help the Jets get Bush. It's a great fit too because the Jets are decimated this year by injuries and are losing when they have the ability to, when healthy, be a playoff team. The Jets front offie will also have the back page media pressure to make the move and grab Bush. When they announce the trade on draft day, and the Jets make Bush their first selection, the crowd is going to erupt and an NFL media star will be born.

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