Friday, December 23, 2005

NFL picks week 16

This week has been a rough week as my car blew up and it is a brand new car. I use blew up because the engine needs to be replaced; it didn't actually blow up.

TAMPA (-3) over Atlanta Tampa is just the better team, despite the loss to NE, and this game is at home. Atlanta does not have the defense to shut down Tampa's ground game.

CINCY (-13.5) over Buffalo Cincy still has something to play for, and Buffalo is on their tenth QB switch. Something has to eat at Buffalo with their terrible QB situation and seeing Drew Bledsoe put up good numbers in Dallas.

CAROLINA (-5) over Dallas I can't believe the egg that Dallas laid in DC last week. Bledsoe had a terrible game, the defense played terrible, and they played flat. They were driving after the Skins first TD, and it was a required answer to the turnover and TD. Unfortunately, mental errors cost them any points, and the mood was established. They are playing a superior team this week than last, and I just don't see them winning. What is sad is that if their kicking game had come through for them earlier in the year, they would not have to play so hard in these last few games. Sitting at 11-2 with homefield rather than 8-5, the pressure would be off of them. They would have only need to win 1 game of their last 3 to clinch the NFC east, and only win 2, maybe 1, to clinch homefield. They pissed it away with bad kicking and execution late in games.

Detroit (+3) over NEW ORLEANS New Orleans is done. I just wonder what they will do in the draft. I'd grab Leinart from USC in a heartbeat and just work him with those good receivers and Deuce like mad in the offseason. I will not comment on Detroit because they are a hopeless franchise as long as Matt Millen is in charge.

Jacksonville (-6) over HOUSTON This is a shaky pick because Jacksonville seems to be playing to the level of their opposition with Garrard under center. He's tanking his audition for a starting job elsewhere. Sure, he is winning, but it's not like he is playing well. He had one good performance vs. the Colts and the others have been less than stellar. Houston made a mistake last week, I can't believe they won a game. Maybe Capers got angry at the accusations of throwing the game vs. the Titans.

NY Giants (+3) over WASHINGTON Washington is rolling through this second half like I thought they could. I remember saying they had a better second half schedule, and they had Dallas/NY at home. Huge difference compared to the early season schedule. Still, NY has Tiki running at full speed now, and they are going to bring it in DC. I think that last week's performance solidified his claim to the MVP award this season. A lot of attention has been given to Eli Manning, but it has been Tiki's superhuman performance this season which has carried the team offensively.

Pitts (-7) over CLEVELAND Pittsburgh needs to win out to make the playoffs, and even then, if there is a 3 way tie between the Steelers, Chargers and Jaguars, due to tiebreakers, the Steelers would be on the outside looking in.

San Diego (-2) over KC Tough pick. KC is unbeaten at home in December since days of yore. San Diego just throttled the undefeated Colts who are everyone's Super Bowl pick. The pass by Brees to McCardell in the 4th was amazing. I was surprised Marty called the play, and then I was surprised to see Brees hit the spot. At that point (17-16, Chargers inside their 10) I thought the Colts would score 2 more TDs and show everyone why they are the SB favorite. I was wrong. Great play, great game.

San Fran (+9.5) over ST LOUIS St Louis just lost to a Rutgers Qb playing with no offensive weapons. I have not picked San Fran in many games and it has killed me to keep missing with them. What I did with this pick is go with my gut, and then do the opposite. F-you San Fran.

MIAMI (-5.5) over Tenn Saban is doing an awesome job with this team, and they are one QB away from giving the Pats trouble in the AFC east. Who will be next year's starter…….
5. Aaron Brooks - No, I don't think Saban would put up with him
4. Jay Cutler - This guy has the same name as a pro bodybuilder. I don't think Saban wants to go through a QB grooming when he can win now.
3. Steve McNair - He'll be available an has the skill. I don't know if they would take the injury risk that comes with McNair.
2. Philip Rivers - He'll need a new home this offseason. The Dolphins have a decent pick to trade, but maybe not enough. Rivers has spent 2 years in back up mode learning a good offense. It's a trade for the future.
1. Daunte Culpepper - This could happen, and would be really good for their offense. Culpepper has weapons around him and a running game to take the pressure off.

Philly (+1) over Arizona Arizona lost to Houston. It's earth shattering. Who could lose to a team deliberately trying to lose to get the first pick? Dennis Green is a coach I respect, but seriously, what is he doing with the defense?

SEATTLE (-7.5) over Colts I don't trust Seattle even if Indy plays its starters for 2 quarters.

DENVER (-13) over Oakland Oakland is burnt out, and needs a QB. Throw them in the loop with Miami on those names listed above. Denver will crush them because Shanahan always loves to pound the Raiders.

Chicago (-6.5) over GREEN BAY Favre has not gone a week without a pick since week 7. Chicago will eat him alive this game. I liked Grossman in college, and I hope that he develops and can become a good starter for the Bears. They will have a good backfield for the future with him and Benson.

Minnesota (+3) over BALTIMORE Fighting for their playoff lives, Minnesota will pull it out. I also hate Baltimore. They are my second favorite team to blow out when I play Madden.

New England (-5) over NY JETS The Pats will finish 11-5 just like I predicted after the loss to the Pats. Their defense has become healthy and they are playing bad teams. They are 3-5 against teams over .500 and 6-0 vs. teams under .500. They are my favorite team to blow out when playing Madden.

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