Monday, October 03, 2005

Lots to update

First and foremost, my friend Alex is getting married next weekend. I am pumped for it and the bachelor party was lots of fun. Foxwoods was a good time. Plenty of gambling and lots of guy talk. It was great to share stories, learn little secrets and act like a degenerate for 2 days. I learned how to play craps like a beginner. I look forward to my next trip to Foxwoods, as I plan on playing craps. Who would not want to play a game called craps?

Our trip to NY's wine country and my old college stomping grounds was awesome. We did the Cayuga Wine Trail again, and we drank plenty and had fun really tasting the wine this time. There were no accidental purchases this time. I spent an evening with Melissa in Ithaca, and it was fun and kind of sad to return to Cornell's campus. I always feel this sadness when I step onto campus. It is a beautiful place which was fun and challenging at times. It was also a place where I lost friends due to bad grades and 'semester leaves' which became permanent. I learned many valuable lessons about life and about myself which should be the goal of any college education.

I will update about wine in the future. I had a cigar today and now the nicotine is rushing to my brain and playing games with me. I need to lie down.

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