Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Gambling is bad, Mmm-kay?

You will never hear me say that gambling is bad. I think that like almost everything, gambling done in moderation can be a fun activity. Gambling addictions grow and destroy families just as alcoholism, drug abuse or philandering can. I am of the belief that some people are predisposed to gambling problems. That little rush gives them a high, and fromt here on out, they are always chasing that high.

I bring this up because Michael Jordan is going to be on "60 Minutes" to discuss how he never was addicted to gambling. I have a strong feeling that Micahel's gambling habits crossed the line at some point, and that point may have been his first retirement. It is a conspiracy theory that I have always enjoyed, and this website has a nice little article on MJ's gambling issues. The very end bothers me because I do not believe the league fixed that game. Had the league wanted to fix any game of Jordan's era it would have been when he came back midseason and played with the Bulls but lost to the Magic. Stern did not need to fix the game because he had Penny and Shaq to represent the eastern conference (many people believe several games of the Kobe/Shaq era were "influenced" by the league).

Gambling addiction is a serious problem because a byproduct is not just money wasted on a drug or booze and not just broken homes. Because of the bookies/mobsters involved with sports or games of chance gambling, many people go into debt to gamble more: chase money down the drain with more money. This leads to debts with people who you can not file bankruptcy to hide from or avoid. I recommend that if anyone knows someone suffering from an addiction to gambling to contact Gamblers Annonymous.

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