Friday, September 23, 2005

What's going on?

I know that Hurricanes affect the economy, but since when did weather watching become the big market mover? Not every hurricane is a category 5 that is 300 miles wide! Seriously, is the market full of Nancies now that want to find some reason to be scared and not trust equities? I think this is part of the case for the jitters for the last 12 months. The Kennedy Administration was criticized for beign a crisis management system that only dealt with things once they blew up into a crisis. I think the market has focused on everything that could possibly go wrong, and part of it goes back to the terror uncertainty premium priced into the market. I think some traders are worried we do not have things priced appropriately for each risk.

Then again, I am a simple, small time investor.

Anyone ever read the craig's list forums? Every time you feel down about yourself or feel you might be a little crazy, do read some posts int he different forums. You will feel a lot better.

I am off to a weekend of Foxwoods gambling for my friend's bachelor party festivities. I plan on playing poker and some blackjack, well blackjack when the tables are not jacked up to $25 minimums for the weekend rates (early morning).

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