Thursday, August 25, 2005

Who killed Notorious BIG?

This is a theory that was kicked around many times when I was in college. It is all speculation but connect the dots and it makes more sense than most left wing or right wing 9/11 theories or Kennedy Assassination theories. I am not putting Notorious BIG's death on that level, but compare the craziness of theories.

Why March 9, 1997?

Biggie Smalls was set to release his album Life After Death later that month. A tour to promote the album would have made tons of money for Biggie and the usual suspects of hangers on and lesser talented artists (Lil Cease, Lil Kim, get the point). Artists make their money on tour not by record sales; record labels and producers make their money on record sales. I think we can eliminate hangers on & established artists because of timing. Wouldn't an artist dying right before releasing an album offer free publicity......

Who would gain from his death?

Bad Boy Records that's who. They could boost record sales without having to run a normal marketing campaign. Who runs Bad Boy Records? Puff Daddy. Now Puffy would not kill his "best friend"! This is the entertainment industry. You have no friends in the world of entertainment. Biggie had written plenty of lyrics for Puffy. It was well known that Puffy wanted to put out an album of his own, wanted the stardom (see Suge's acceptance speech at the hip-hop award show dissing Puffy's intrusion on records), and wanted to be the face of the new wave of rap. Remember, the death of Biggie ended gangsta rap and let ghetto glam take over. The album No Way Out needed something to push it over the top and be a crossover hit for Puffy. Would not a song about your best friend's death, put over the music of a classic Police song, be just that hit? "I'll be Missing You" could have been made by a retard and gone number 1 with all of the emotion from and coverage of BIG's death. That is what launched Puffy's career. The death of his friend.

It was not only Puffy who would benefit from Biggie's death. None other than Ma$e would go on to hook up with the Bad Boy hit machine. Ma$e showed up first on the song "Mo' money, Mo' problems" and then on Puffy's No Way Out. Ma$e's album, Harlem World, is pure feces. Of course, it was produced by Puffy, so a couple of samples here, a couple of beats there and voila, a platinum record.

Connect the dots. Biggie was out publicly on a night without Puffy. Who would know which seat he usually rode in when travelling? People close to him. Who gained the most directly after and directly from his death? Puffy and Ma$e. The driver and shooter were never identified. Who continually dragged Biggie out from the grave to show up on 'new' albums in the most creepy of ways? Puffy. The theory states that Puffy had Biggie killed and hired Ma$e to do it. His reward was becoming a star, and Puffy could make money off of his cash cow (Biggie) and stay at the center of attention for east coast rap.

This is all a loose theory based more on intelligent Ivy leaguers who were sad to see how rap had degenerated into a crappy landscape after the deaths of Tupac and Biggie. There was always at least one black male present, so it wasn't a bunch of rich, white suburbanites sitting around acting like posers.

......Don't get me started on how J.Lo manipulated and used Puffy to launch a singing career. I'm surprised he couldn't send her to "sleep with the fishes". The fool had to really love her to let her get away with that.


Anonymous said...

Thank god some one got that on the net, so that people can finaly understand how things work in the show biz! that bastard Puffy

Philip Tsar said...

This is what my theory always was. Puff was dying to be a star. He wanted more than "producer" status. Biggie was already producing tracks for his label Undeas, and BIG really wouldn't need Diddy anymore. One thing about Diddy is he understands the tides of music. You want to know why he keeps changing his name? So he can shake search engine key words as he was behind BIG's death. He even begged BIG to go out that night when he was killed. BIG didn't want to go after being booed at that award show. It was Puff that begged him to go out until BIG agreed....then yes, as you said, conect the dots.

All of Puffy adlibs and dancing made it clear that he wanted to be a star and didn't want BIG to leave as that would have been the start of the end for Bad Boy.

Aside from his LP being dropped a short 6 months after BIG died, notice the extra focus Diddy put on BIG's last album. Notice how his adlibs on hypnotize were even louder than normal. Notice the dance a little too much, notice the focus on Puff as a kid in the video sky is the limit.

I can go on and on. I'll this for 100% sure, had BIG lived...Puff would not be the star he is today.

(and since Puff keeps changing his name for the search engines...allow me to do this...)

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Philip Tsar said...

I hope the sounds of Undeas hits with Junior Mafia haunt Diddy at night! Yes Diddy you bitch. Diddy killed Biggies. Diddy killed the Notorious BIG. Biggies killing, Biggies death, Biggie Small, P Diddy, P Diddy, P Diddy.

How's this for the power of the internet? Lol. This bitch Diddy controls a BIG page on MySpace. I am a huge BIG fan, and I've been trying to make friends with the Diddy controlled BIG page for my own personal page

Diddy has ignored that because of the piece I have wrote here about how Diddy killed Biggie.

How do I know? Because he has accepted others and ignored mine each and everytime. Lol.

Diddy if you read this, I know it was you who killed BIG. A better producer than you on his way up. Your ugly shaded glasses wearing ass would have lost out eh? You know you were loosing your grip on BIG.

Philip Tsar said...

Oh yeah...and I know "Players Anthem" was what really got you scarred, eh bitch? Then when you heard "I need you tonight" and you hear BIG's R&B production potential, you started shaking shaking in your boots you fucking ugly bitch! Your ugly shaded glasses ass started to think how Faith Evens would sure fit good over at Undeas Records. You knew your days at Bad Boy were numbered, because you knew Biggie had a fresher production sound then your repetitive sample looping ass. You knew Big had a classic ear for what samples to use for his Undeas productions. You knew he had a flair and a freshness to east coast sounds that blew your boring mid 90's sound out of the fucking water. Didn't you bitch? Then you saw the potential in boosting your adlib ass into stardom by having BIG killed. I mean c'mon now, how stupid do you think everyone really is? You're going out in gangland LA after Big was booed at the source awards because people are feeling like Big was behind Tupacs death? You're an ugly idiot if you think the fact your ride just barley beat a red light where as Bigs ride was stuck at the red light before it got rolled up on on Big was smoked, and nobody see's your tricks. If BIG lived, P Diddy was a P DeadDuck!!! Bad Boy was going to fall apart, and Big would have blown Undeas records bigger than your ugly face could handle.

Btw Puffy...I own an escort service in Toronto, and I have employed girls that have speant time with artists like 50 cent, DMX, and....Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Diddy, Puffy, Sean Combs!!! (Lol) And guess what? You are a big coke head. I mean you do so much coke, you start to crawl on the floor looking under the crack of the door for the shadows of feet because you are a paranoid coke head. And I heard from girls that you highly suffer from premature ejaculation and you have a really small dick. So small in fact, that a condom can't even stay on you. Lol. That's probably why J-lo left you. The Latina ass needed a pounding that little man P Diddy couldn't deliver on. Lol.

You fucking Notorious BIG killing bitch!