Friday, August 05, 2005

starting a blog

Wow, i have made the jump from a livejournal to a blog. not much of a jump but i shall start this in earnest. let me explain the title. 28 Sherman was the locale of my favorite apartment. I lived there with a friend, who then was more of an acquaintance, and we became very good friends. My roomate, my girlfriend and I formed a good bond, and that apartment will always represent a time in my life that I really enjoyed.

A running joke with the three of us has been 'the show'. The show is our show we will some day get on TV (1% probability of happening). If my roommate and I ever get 'the show' produced for TV it will be titled "28 Sherman". The scary part is just getting an in, we have plenty of episodes mapped out, and I think if we were forced to, in one weekend, we could have scripts for 12 episodes, maybe 15. Even scarier is that it would be a better comedy than 90% of sitcoms airing now.

I anticipate this blog will center around politics, investing, business, poker, life etc. I also anticipate that no one will visit this weblog. I take that back, my family will. I'll probably be back in a short while to post somethign before bedtime.

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Working Class Schlep said...

I'm reading, albeit two years later. I've bookmarked your blog so I can get caught up when I have time. I'm really enjoying your blog.