Tuesday, August 23, 2005

something on NY Times front page about abortion

First off, I am a reluctant pro-choice supporter.

I guess the NY Times loves to put on the front page of its website things that support it politics (Forget about the genocide in Darfur). This article reports on how fetuses might not feel pain until after the 29 week period. Score one for the pro-choice crowd. The 4th paragraph of the article is not a paragraph. It is one sentence that states a fact to keep in your mind how many abortions take place a year. This is to remind you how many women would be losing their right to their body so that people get angry if Bush nominates a strict constructionist person to the Supreme Court.

To reiterate, I am a reluctant pro-choice supporter. I am libertarian and believe in everyone having as much freedom as possible and therefore, having freedom over their body. Personally, I find it a tragedy to feel the need to have an abortion; somewhere something has gone wrong. I would never want my girlfriend, female relatives or friends to consider or have to consider one because of circumstances. If you think I'm a hypocrite, I told my sister several years ago that I would gladly adopt her child and raise it until "she was ready to be a mom".

I find a ridiculous juxtaposition of law in this nation is that a person must wait 5 days to purchase a hand gun but can get an abortion with little to no wait time. An even worse juxtaposition is the fact that you must be 21 to buy a hand gun but can get an abortion at any age.

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