Saturday, August 06, 2005

one reason for the poker boom

Here's a theory. Poker suddenly takes off in America after an unknown wins the 2002 World Series of Poker (and '03 and '04 and '05), and internet gambling sites make it quick and easy. Why? What is the draw to playing no limit hold 'em? There is no limit to what you can 'make' for money. You're return can be unlimited and in one hand you can double your money. Few investments offer 100% returns in under a minute.

Poker appeals to people's greed, laziness and boredom with their real life. I enjoy playing poker because I love competition and challenges. I also enjoy the social aspect when playing with friends. I am not in the majority though for casual poker players. Casual players see it as something they can make money through, and if you read articles on the poker playing public, few players scratch out a living. I've seen this attitude in living rooms and casinos. What I find amazing too is the number of people who get cash advances on their credit cards to use for gambling. That is money that comes with a 12% or more interest rate. Does anyone ever notice that casinos don't go out of business?

It all goes to back to the laziness and wish for quick millions. Everyone wants to be rich and do nothing to earn it. I think the poker fad has legs to it. As long as there are 'prizes' in the millions, there will be a horde of entrants. That will spill over to the internet rooms.

It's not how good you are, it's all in the cards, right?

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