Tuesday, August 23, 2005

my old home state's 'best' newspaper

This wonderful op-ed column just shows us how awful our work in Iraq is and how "we have lost our way". The logic I do not udnerstand is that women were better off previously, yet I cannot find when, oh yeah, 30 years ago before the rule of that horrible dictator we threw out. In this next passage she contradicts herself, but from reading other columns she has written I cannot trust her writing....

Saddam started to give Sunni clerics more power and political religion and traditional dress became the balm he offered for the national ills he had created.
How strange that the women of Iraq must now try to defend the rights that laws under Saddam Hussein gave them, as America claims victory over him. The silence of Iraqi women's voices and those of democratic nations is deafening as the window of opportunity closes in the developing constitution.

Hold on, so Saddam started to make women follow a more religious way of life and gave power to the clerics. With an elected government, and the possiblity that Islam will be a foundation for law, women suddenly are losing rights they had under Saddam. Hold on, was not Saddam stripping them of their rights and forcing women to obey clerical law more? Maybe my Ivy League education went to waste, but I think she is reaching here to criticize the Bush administration.

Is it not a welcome sign that people protest there, that people now seek grievances politically and not with a bullet? We've made mistakes in Iraq from day one, but building (not rebuilding) a country is incredibly difficult. It is not a model set you buy at Toys R Us. Read The Conquerors for further proof. Small battles must be one and eventually a (cliche alert) tipping point will be reached. Security is a foundation, building the infrastructure, jumpstarting their economy, etc. If only the MSM covered Iraq like my buddy in the Army who emails me....a guy can dream.

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