Wednesday, August 10, 2005

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% whiteIwas pretty disgusted with the article that i linked to in my last post. from what i gather from the article, Maine has a problem with diversity and is full of closet racists.

It's not that Maine does not like minorities, it's just that so few live there. Maine is in fact 96.9% white (2000 US census). Now does this mean that Maine has a problem with diversity or just that there is a lack of diversity in the state. I vote for the latter. Maine has a small population, which is older than most states, and is predominantly white. Does this mean that they are racists? No. Since there was a 'diversity' festival in Portland, I would think that the population is making an attempt to broaden their horizons and learn.

The columnist who writes this editorial was born and raised in Maine so they know that Mainers are horrible racists. Hmm, that isnt the case? Does the columnist know that local high school choruses sing African tribal music at their school concerts? Hmm, I wonder why they would showcase an African song when the schools are probably 96.9% white? I bet they have a problem with race.

This is lame and a waste of a column in the major paper in Maine.

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