Saturday, August 20, 2005

hometown newspaper hurting....

The old Journal Tribune of York County is hurting. From everything I have heard, they are fighting to compete with the free weekly newspaper, The Courier. While in high school, I wrote a series of columns or stories on local sports teams and then in between seasons on local athletes for The Courier. When covering my high school, I could give a couple of friends good press and an action photo in a local paper. That paper, The Courier, is now beating the Journal Tribune on scoops and with readership. Most of the complaints come from the Journal Tribune being a rag that recycles Associated Press news and covers local sports poorly. Even my parents, die hard Mainers, do not get the Journal Tribune anymore. Not even my dad, and he is a sports nuts. Why? I think it is the sports reporting staff....seriously the staff.

Here is the wonderful sports reporting staff for the Journal tribune. They are a collection of winners. I speak well of John Nash, good writer. I have read articles of his and enjoy them. The new sports clerk I can not comment on and will not. The editor, Mr. Edwards, I know personally and can say that his work is alright but his judgment is not the best. He is a trained professional, and I hope that he can right the ship with the journal's sports coverage as that is why most folks in York County subscribe to the Journal.

Where's the problem? His reporter, Mr. Brockman, I know very well. I have also read some of his articles. This is not the author Chris Brockman; it is a small town egomaniac who is now a reporter. One of the first things that the editors at The Courier told me was that "It is one thing is to be a reporter, and another to be a columnist". I find that a lot of his reporting has sentences, references, and even whole paragraphs that are commentary or personal opinion. It is not reporting. What is this, the NY Times economy section? The facts, man, just the facts. It's sports reporting in a county of a small state. Please stop it with the Sports Guy impression.

My father, my grandparetns, and my girlfriend's father have both expressed disgust with the writing and quality of sports coverage, and they both now just rely on the Portland Press Herald for sports coverage. I know it is tough to find good help for low wages, but please, please, please pick it up Journal Tribune.

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