Sunday, August 21, 2005

good article in press herald

This article points to a problem with Maine. Heck, I left there because of the limited job market. I also went to an Ivy League school, competing against the NY and Boston schooled kids that the writer fears have an advantage over Maine kids. I feel he brings up great points and offers nice solutions. I also think he does not say what a bunch of like minded individuals think but would never say in public about Maine. That is that kids in Maine shoot for the lamp post rather than the moon because of their homes, schools, and Maine culture. My mom has said the same thing for years this guy wrote.

I had a greta history teacher who had a bad habit of saying we could not compete with NY or Massachusetts students. I went to Cornell and saw those kids struggle just as much as myself or other small state kids. I resented that teacher's attitude and felt it fed the inferiority complex that Mainers have. I wish a governor would step up to the plate in Maine and turn us into a US version of India or Ireland. Both countries had location problems, infrastructure problems, and government problems, but they have become economic tigers. Education is part of the solution as are incentives for businesses to choose Maine as a location for operations. I just hope they can do something soon as me and my friends all leave for the states where the good jobs are.....

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Working Class Schlep said...

It's funny...I went to a prep school in NYC (via scholarship- I didn't have money), and chose UMO and loved it. I wanted to be around shoot for the lamp post types, not because I didn't have high aspirations, but I was tired of those who had everything handed to them and were so aggressive in reaching their goals that they lost sight of the simple things. Am I a simpleton? No. But I like simple things.