Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Funny website article

This article was forwarded to me by a coworker. It is a good extended joke pointed at one type fo male. I dislike these guys, and I avoid wearing my striped blue/white/black shirt because of them despite it's good fit/look and gift status from my little sister. I try to limit its number of appearances.

Click Here for good laughs. You know at least 1 guy like this.

There has to be a female version of this. Maybe those stupid skirts that look really flimsy...pleated...cotton...lame. The skirts make girls with big butts look even bigger yet every girl has one. They work for very few women.

I'm now going to self-plagiarize from my LJ because I heard the song discussed again today....

"we get higher and higher straight up we'll fly...we get higher & higher leave it all behind" - "dreams", van halen (hagar years)

That song, "dreams", will be used during the tennis doubles match montage in the show I am creating with carl. I can't reveal more out of fear of someone stealing the idea, but it will be hysterical. Tennis mixed doubles match - wait, that could be funny, but a tennis doubles match to a rocking 80s song with a funny twist to it that I can't reveal. It will make the HBO come-drama "entourage" look like a piece of shit. "Entourage" is a drama that thinks it is a comedy. The leads suck, Jeremy Piven carries the show and Kevin Dillon of all people is the comic relief. With each episode I watch, I lose faith that it will become a great show.

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