Saturday, August 06, 2005

avian flu smuggling?

So a company tries to smuggle in avian flu from Saudi Arabia and they get a fine that allows them to continue to work? Sure some executives got 1 year in federal prison but why was the place not shut down? I understand the need to develop and nurture biotech firms/labs, but breaking the law and possibly exposing the nation and my old homestate of Maine to avian flu is horrible. I know the executives of the firm are in jail, but as the article says, were there not more employees who knew of this and said nothing?

Substitute biotech firm with mosque or 'middle eastern males' and wouldn't the whole operation been shut down? I think it is dangerous that they did not levy a higher fine and make an example of this firm for other biotech research facilities. I wonder if others will try to smuggle in avian flu, small pox, etc.

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