Monday, August 22, 2005

aeon flux

aeon flux was an interesting and different action cartoon. it originated from shorts that were made for MTV's 'Liquid Television'. The things that drew me to the shorts were the lack of dialogue and the rejection of superhero norms. The lead is a brunette female as an agent for some government/group in the future. You never really know if she is on the 'good' side. You never get to know her. The shorts were magnificent because she never spoke, always died in the end, and was always 'recreated' at the beginning of the next short......showing in a way the uselessness of aggression, war, or conflict. I remember that I never knew Aeon Flux was the name of the lead female; I assumed it was latin...possibly translates to "forever passing through".

One of my favorite episodes had her being tracked by one of her home base compatriots. You see the connection that the home base agent starts to build with her, which is also of a physical basis as Aeon was kind of stacked (very early 90s Pam Anderson body). She ends up dying at the end of the episode and the agent back at the base lets out a sigh, presses a button and vaporizes her remains.

When the show was turned into a series, my friends and I would call each other to say the obvious, "Put it on MTV, superbabe is on". I thought the silent secret agent theme would continue, but I was let down by the creators need to give Aeon and her world voices. There was something wonderful in the silence and the imagery used to convey emotions, atmosphere and oh yeah, plot. Some of you may think I am a 'fireman' from Farenheit 451. No, I love books and dialogue rich movies. I just thought that Aeon Flux tried something different and did a good job with it. It was an odd show that tried to tackle big subjects with comic book metaphors. I felt that Samurai Jack tried this and did it much better. Would I buy the complete Aeon Flux on dvd? Not for $15 or $20, but when they re-release the series/shorts when the movie comes out for less, I might pick it up.

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