Wednesday, November 26, 2014

That Expose Corruption Project

Who watches the watchmen? Our media is protected by a constitutional amendment that they view as an all encompassing shield. What does it say?

1.        The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press,

This is not about coercing the government to infringe on the freedom of the press. This is about holding the media to the same standards they hold us to. This is about fighting corruption. If we can fight corruption in the media, then the media can properly do its job against other forces in the nation. I strongly believe that the media's power to shape opinion and mold minds is the most powerful weapon in America. Let us clean the stables in whatever way we can. This is especially topical watching the NY Times despicably just published Officer Wilson's home street. If you are like me and dislike the way the modern media works, support Pax Dickinson's project Expose Corruption.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

First Draft of Obama's Ferguson Statement

"My fellow Americans. I am up here tonight to tell you that the media, who elected me over Clinton and McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012, spent the previous several months whipping up a black and bleeding white heart liberal frenzy over a shooting death in Missouri in the hopes that the voting turnout would be high enough to save a seat or three in the Senate. We also hoped it would get the Milwaukee vote rigging primed enough to unseat Gov. Walker. Media got Christie last year, and we thought we'd take care of Walker this year ourselves. Fuck. That failed despite the GOTV working. After the failure to retain the Senate but more importantly the nationwide revulsion to immigration reform, where I am trying to cram in a few million future Democrats, and even that looks bad. Folks don't like it. Imagine if the folks rioted over that. They, and believe me I have spoken to media members at length off the record of course, have told me that they really did not know what to do with the Brown fiasco because they worked blacks up so much. We had to punt on it as long as possible.

Honestly, I have bigger things on my plate. Look at me, do I look happy and energetic? I am not even AARP eligible yet! I have no legacy. Does anyone like Obamacare? My one hope is in foreign policy, and that looks awful. ISIS is alive despite our bombings because bombings are not going to help anyone but the military industrial complex's bottom line. Assad is laughing at me. Did you see those pics?  China just recognized the Crimean referendum so if Anne Applebaum is going to write another op-ed on Putin being Hitler, she's got to find a way to shoehorn a China-Stalin in '40 angle. I don't think the Chinese will like that. We just got our asses handed to us by the Iranians again. Maybe those old stereotypes of crafty Persian merchants were right. We just gave them more time, shifted more money their way, and they still are not collapsing economically despite what all my pro-Israel advisors tell me should happen any day now. It hasn't. I'm at a loss.

So those folks down in Missouri were going to get let down. Holder and I couldn't break it to them because folks are somewhat disadvantaged education-wise and well, Eric got mushy as they are >air quotes< his people >air quotes<. The media could not back down because, if the media spent anytime explaining the truth, they'd miss out on riot ratings and maybe everyone would see they are a bunch of lying sacks of shit. Can't have that because folks need to listen to the media so that they can say neophytes like me have presidential timber, gravitas. You know, the kind of guy you could picture going up against former KGB men in negotiations. Sorry folks, the center cannot hold, the empire falls apart and there will be blood. I'm off for some drinks with Meryl Streep. She was just in for the Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony. I always loved her in Bridges of Madison County. Where are my smokes?"

Monday, November 24, 2014

A New Trick for College Sports Boosters

Something weird happened in college sports off the field that no one in the sports media is bothering to follow up on or even check for reality sake. If followed up and fire is found, it would hit the holy of holies Notre Dame football hard. A teenage freshman on Notre Dame's football team went on a date with a porn performer. It hit the sports and even TMZ new cycle for a quick moment then died. I hope the guys at Yahoo Sports go after this one because uncovering booster involvement would get Notre Dame football in the sanction zone. Why do I think boosters are involved? Just circumstantial, but something is not adding up right.

Let's review the official story.

1. Woman in the sex industry that travels nation manages to bump into a teenage football player while traveling in his area. How the 40+ year old and an 18 year old cross paths is uncertain.
2. Same teenager from humble background is being recruited by major college football programs, and enrolls at Notre Dame university.
3. During the football player's fall break in college and off week from the football season, the football player flies from Indiana to New York for a Knicks game with lower level seats with said porn performer.
4. Confirmation of an overnight stay in a New York hotel is known via Instagram.
5. It is just a date, and the well known porn performer has her eyes on other college players.

Sounds honest. A woman over 40, who vehemently denies ever escorting, would just treat a young man she has her eyes on from one random meeting to a date at a Knicks game, paying for flight, hotel stay and Knicks tickets. That seems legit. What if we looked at this in another way?

1. One of the top names on the most viewed porn sites in the world involved in a sleazy industry (pornography) with massive overlap with prostitution is on a teenager's wish list.
2. Teenager from a humble background is being recruited by major college football programs, a corrupt industry known for providing players with special gifts to go to a specific university.
3. Booster finds out about teen's wish and says he can make it happen since porn performer was linked with another college athlete previously.
4. During the football player's fall break in college and off week from the season, booster arranges for the football player to fly from Indiana to New York for a Knicks game with lower level seats with said porn performer.
5. Confirmation for the booster of an overnight stay and what it implies in a New York hotel is known via Instagram.

I'm not a detective. I do think it would be pretty easy to poke holes in the stories of a porn performer and a teenager who mostly can't read well. The performer involved denies escorting, but if you snoop around The Erotic Review boards, they'll mention how it can happen with her, but you need an in. She is a business savvy member of that sleazy business, so this could be a new revenue stream for her. Her real luck was in looking like Sarah Palin at the right moment (Wikipedia, safe for work). On the other side, this is actually far better for a booster. A booster could in effect spend thousands of dollars that would make a recruit starstruck and it is not a direct payment. The booster could pay for everything directly or better pay the performer to cover all expenses. What would the NCAA approach the booster with? "You sent money to X and X spent a night with a player" is tougher to prove without exact texts, phone calls, etc. It is tough to prove without intent. This is probably part of the reason this died down quickly. Even if a booster were involved, it is not the worst thing a booster has ever done. It seems fitting if major college sports have progressed to the point where they neatly meet with adult entertainment. Young people used for physical abilities and traits that are often discarded within 5 years.
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Porn in Decline + Moving to Vegas

Things are shutting down in the valley. Porn is moving production to Vegas. Vegas has been involved with porn in the past but it is growing. It is not solely due to the new laws in California. It is not even that the industry is full of idiots and back-stabbing shitheads. The widespread internet availability is killing it. The move to Vegas is as simple as money. The money is gone from the industry. There were two Golden Eras: '70s film Golden Era and '90s Wider Acceptance + Young Internet Golden Era. It is not just filming technology that enabled the barbarism, but the over the counter sales of lubricants after 1980 and widespread use of Viagra after 2000. Tube sites are generating a good chunk of total Internet demand. Those guys then collect tons of advertising revenue from the online prostitution sites and porn distributor sites with even lower overhead. They do not even have to film, and users upload videos themselves. Those few sites can print money. The oft quoted number of an $11 billion industry does not make sense if the Tube sites are destroying sales, so what is keeping the industry alive? Sex, but not on film.

The industry is about money and sex. Always has been always will be. Yes, these ladies perform because many are broken inside, but they are doing it for the money. Newest trend is come into the industry for a quick swing through the higher profile internet companies, and then headline strip clubs with the boost of being a porn star. An interesting story I saw was on a young woman who did maybe four scenes but now she reviews video games (link). I do not know her official stance on Gamergate, but it might be interesting. The interesting thing that has happened to the "studios" in this decline phase is that you have the mega-studios that bought whatever assets smaller studios had as they folded, and then the other survivors are the small niche filming units. Everyone can produce generic action and for far cheaper in a foreign country, but if your studio has a kink (feet, midgets, interracial, etc.), you have a market for steady customers. It's not like there is much overhead, but really, who is buying in the era of tube sites and Chromecast on your big screen plasma? The $11 billion number from 2006 must be revised way down now.

Susannah Breslin constantly says that you cannot figure out a porn producer's income or earnings because it is so fluid, but hint hint, it is a promotion outlet for a web of prostitution in America. Steve Sailer had wondered years back what those Russian guys were doing with the pretty Russian girlfriend for work in the Valley. Well LA Direct Models was paying guys who could speak an Eastern Euro language decent money to be "proxy husbands". Those guys were driving them to and from client appointments on time and to and from filming locations on time. Many of those women were only in town for as long as their first visa lasted, then skipped out when they could not climb (or descend) the ladder. It really is not hard to find the sites, but gee willikers, for high rates per hour, "you too can sleep with a porn star" (NSFW obviously, and I could've linked to many more sites). Pornographic film is just filmed escorting, and private escorting can earn the performers even higher amounts. When they sign on for a scene, they have to show up for hours to collect their scene fee. For one simple hour with a fan that clears security check of the escort agency, they get paid the same or a higher rate. The agency takes their cut of that as well.

In the constant push for porn glamorization and mainstreaming, an ABC 20/20 episode had a segment with a retired porn performer explaining what it is like to be engaged to a male porn performer. A little back story helps reveal the buffoonery of this media nugget. The female, Kayden Kross, was also used in the GQ article on James Deen as the smart girl who read David Foster Wallace and was business savvy. Mainstream media is very careful about who they use to discuss porn. She is pretty savvy to get impregnated by a male porn performer who was looking for more permanent residency in the US. The anchor baby came first, then the engagement. This is laughable considering another of the well paid and big name female performers, Tori Black, did an interview (NSFW) that even if one tenth of it is true, reveals what a broken human being she is and the industry is to prey on these people. A good outcome for a female performer is to marry out quickly or to get a big enough name that you can strip, tour nationwide, and arrange for escorting dates as you tour and stop shooting porn. Tori Black's interview will not get press promotion, but maybe it is because the owners of porn are cousins with our big media owners.

That is part of the reason for the move to Vegas. Yes, there are no silly condom laws like California. Vegas is also a mecca for *wink wink shoulder shrug* prostitution. Vegas pulls in a huge southern California weekend crowd. As multiple books alluded to or explicitly stated written during Vegas' rise in the '00s, the Mob never left Vegas, it just changed its revenue focus. Those little Mexican guys stand on the corner, snapping cards for lower end girls. That fee advertised is just for her to show up. The rest is up to your negotiating skills. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas except STDs. The higher profile performers do not need to advertise. They have ready and willing clients through the online escorting racket. Those women can headline a strip club, and at the end of the night, some wealthy joker is going to pay good money and be far gentler than her last coworker on the set of God knows what deviancy she filmed last week. The media does not talk about this. It would spoil the fake narrative they have of porn "stars", female empowerment and super awesome, Olympic style sex. The stink of a network of prostitution using dirty videos to generate client demand would be a tougher sell. Better to stick to it as a feminist choice of sex positivism that is tied to our freedom of speech.

Friday, November 21, 2014


I was checking my blog's analytics information last week, and I noticed a blip up from a site called mpcdotcom. It was a big enough blip for Google's awful traffic stats to catch. You guys found me. Actually, I found you guys through tweets by Heartiste and a commenter here who once in a while drops by to comment by the name GFC. The url in his name brought me to your site. A lot of the things Tweeted in my network usually originate from your forum, which true to the claim is 21st century American samizdat. After a while, I noticed some of you are either commenters here (GFC, PRCD) or in my Twitter network (cold russian, mpctxt). I have received two questions about y'all on, and I'll repeat my first answer here.

I find you guys funny often and insightful sometimes. I genuinely and consistently laugh out loud reading posts, and will gladly use specific statistics or charts from your forum with open minded people to help nudge people along the dark path (similar to using the Radish/Unamusement Park flyers). Poz is so brilliant that even my wife uses it for post-dinner or event analysis of our SWPL friends. Pozzed is a perfect word for a vegan wedding reception meal. You guys are heavy on blaming Jews for everything, but there are things on your site you can't find elsewhere. I think any criticism of the DarkEn should be evaluated on its grounds, and you guys do point out good issues. People who poke holes in arguments can make you see something you did not see because of your worldview. You guys also love to skewer the Dark Enlightenment or Dork Enlightenment as you guys put it. I'll get back to this, but here's the second question someone asked.

Anonymous Question: "What if I hit My Posting Career with a hammer?" I answered "They'd hit back and laugh about it". This is not a hammer, and I don't have time for gay Internet battles. I'm not Anissimov. You guys would laugh off any criticism because you're too cool for that. Play it cool and aloof, don't get too attached. It is similar to that lack of sincerity and snark that the left uses to never fully commit themselves to anything. "See I'm being ironic cause God forbid anyone think I am sincere in my belief or fandom and criticize it therefore dinging my status." I hate those progressives, but I dislike that attitude in general. It's why the left hated Tim Tebow so much. He wasn't an athlete thanking God for trinkets (wins), but a real, well spoken believer. Some enthusiastic members of the DarkEn might come across as a dark mirror version of Tumblr kids, but there is a heavy Millenial crew and that is just how that generation of whites will act (see Strauss and Howe). You guys seem a bit older and would also wield a sharp knife on anyone as you guys have a smart core of members. This specific post is not any type of fight, but instead an invitation.

Stop making fun of the dork enlightenment, and start looking at the things you guys already have in common with it. I'll refer to this MPC scale post, but consider themes elsewhere on the forum. Smaller political units, more homogeneous in make up, more traditional mindset to family and gender relations, anti-atomization, anti-DC-NY cabal, breaking up the massive concentration of wealth, Hollywood PC brainwashing, anti-white elite behavior and a need for lessening the complexity of things. Did you guys write that or did someone in the dork enlightenment? Those are running themes within the DarkEn as well as on your forum. Smaller units with ethnic solidarity sounds like the pro-secession or patchwork guys in the DarkEn, and the ethnats would be happy with the homogeneous idea. You guys seem to see differences within groups, religions, races, etc. but are not hard sold on the HBDbot messaging. Outside the autistic, most guys in the DarkEn believe in HBD but would say that the wider rules of society and environment matter. Incentives matter.

You guys lament the lost America, so do we. You guys hate the broken down modern world, so do we. You can read my blog, and others, and see that blame for the current state of things can be laid on a variety of groups, which does include the Jews. I try to be as specific as possible and factual to avoid an avalanche of SJWs as they chased me off of posting effortposts to Tumblr with dox threats due to this post (seriously, I don't get what was bad). The best description of our predicament is from a Tweet series where LB said the psychotic US set up is a mix of Protestant Universalism and Jewish Bolshevism. This is why I wrote about Tom Steyer a year ago (he just spent $76 mil this '14 election cycle). He and his brother are the living embodiment of this unified Prot-Jew elite pushing things.

Before you make fun of the dork enlightenment, think of these commonalities. It is really easy to make fun of Aurini drinking alcohol in a suit in the middle of the woods, Anissimov's bitchy gayness and Idaho plan or 10,000 word blog posts (how often are there 10K word count blog posts). Those items and people are not the entire DarkEn. Should anyone judge your forum solely on Eloh? Besides mocking the mockable, do you guys throw rocks at the DarkEn because it is close enough to look familiar? The DarkEn is not LARPing in medieval outfits. Check out Dampier, Land, Handle, Social Matter, Theden (spotty posting recently), and their blogrolls. Breakdown of the current system is coming. It's either a transition to Brazil Norte (US of Brazil) or a secession movement and possible civil war. Either way, there will be blood. Keep an open mind, look beyond the flamboyant self-promoters and read the analysis.

As far as the description of me, you guys pay attention to my biographical bits here and are correct. With all I write, why does no one think this blog has multiple writers? Thanks for the compliments, including the backhanded ones. I am a FIRE economy middler (great word) with a wife and kids. I am a lucky man and have a great life. If ever in my city, let me know and we can get a beer.

GFC, Shrill Kiners and PRCD: I appreciate the props. Thanks.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Exotic and Not Exotic

A spillover from Twitter correspondence, but the concept of exotic came up on Twitter. A Seeking Arrangement or Sugar Daddies website ad poster was a young black woman who was not good at planning but labeled herself exotic. I tweeted the comedy of backpages, craigslist etc. postings where black American women will slaps exotic on their advertisement to lure people in (black/white biracial women do this in every ad). The use of exotic is also the key to marketing. A standard issue black American woman marketing herself exotic is marketing to a non-black dating pool. Sure, they may be exotic to 50 something white engineers, but it is a funny catch all. A 28 year old black single mom on looking to exchange sex for money is not exotic. She is residue of our broken American culture. Exotic comes with the connotation of foreign and mysterious due to the element of the unknown. Even nerdy tech guys know what they are getting from the cute, black single mom. There is no mystery.
Multilingual Indian Account Executive Who Fills a Skirt Right (English accent a bonus) - Exotic

I can envision Bond saying "Evening Miss Manaypunani"
Note: In Cornell's economics department around 2001, there was a gorgeous Indian girl who spoke with an English accent. It drove every guy in class wild, and the comedy was you'd hear her voice and immediately turn to find the speaker. The visuals did not disappoint.

Multilingual Russian Violinist - Exotic

This entire picture's concept makes me laugh

Standard Issue Black Single Mom - Not Exotic

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Britain's Winter of Discontent Was Not In Isolation

Earlier this week, I brought up the Winter of Discontent that shook England. It was not just England. It was not just their specific problems. US-NATO system that was cracking up. The problem of that winter started way back in the late '60s/early '70s as the Bretton Woods system broke down. The closing of the gold window was the detonation moment. Our elites really did worry that everything would unravel. What would unravel was the social calm that was created by the post-War welfare states. During the '70s, it took the petrodollar, bringing back usury, and Volcker taking a hammer to interest rates (after repeal of anti-usury laws) to kill off inflation worries to make it all work. America (and England) also had to switch from a productive economy to a FIRE economy.

1. The Brits had the post-war welfare state that worked for roughly thirty years.
2. The Swedes had a roughly 30 year period where they created their lavish welfare state known as the Record Years.
3. The French had the 30 glorious years after WW2 where they built up a rich welfare state.

These all changed in the tumultuous economic period of '68-'82. Wikipedia and other sources rarely delve into the problem being the shift of the swing oil producer going from Texas to Saudi Arabia, decolonization and nationalization of oil wells, the terrible Bretton Woods set up. The paranoia of everything falling apart with worthless money even made it to the silver screen with Rollover (one of Pakula's conspiracy thrillers). England had the wonderful title and crisis with the Winter of Discontent, but they were not alone. The FIRE economy, declining interest rates, asset bubbles and never-ending immigration to suppress wages and provide new consumers all are tied together and all keep the facade going.

I'm not going into detail because if I ever get my damn Rubin book done, I'll explain more there.