Friday, October 21, 2016

Decades in Days + SM Review-Preview 62

"There are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen," - Lenin.

It is fair to say this last week is a week where decades happened both at home and abroad. At home, Trump named the beast and dared to say the thing we all know but the system silences: Democrats rig elections. This was followed by James O'Keefe releasing video of Democrats openly admitting they sent violent rioters and protestors to Trump events and bus people to vote stuff. One such leader visited the White House over 300 times and Obama over 40. Is Trump just a tool for the system to ensure Clinton's election? I would have left that as a possibility until the last month.

Trump is laying it all out there. This is delegitimizing the system on air and in homes. The regime press not covering it also indicts the media. Going forward it will all be regime supporters versus everyone else. This never would have happened with any other republican candidate. Without Trump, this never would have happened no matter how blatant. Keep in mind news stations aired interviews with people in '08 who said on air they voted multiple times.

On the other side of the world, Rodrigo Duterte announced the Philippines was now aligned with China and that the US had lost. This is not a piss ant nation in South America, Africa or even the Middle East. This is a firm ally for over 100 years that has over 100 million citizens and is in a strategic location. I will write more on this as this is an amazing coup by the Chinese. They just secured the South China Sea without firing a shot. This is not their only move.

This is also a sign to other Southeast Asian nations that if they want to defect from the USG system, do so. This is similar to Orban's move in Eastern Europe and how now some other Eastern Euro nations are acting different and growing spines. Find the video of Duterte landing in China. He received the full red carpet treatment. This was not just about him or the Philippines. This was a message.

Decades in weeks.

Last week I wrote about the foundations scamming desperate school districts that just want to close "the gap". That hope is now so ingrained that they can be conned easily by foundations. It's private side centralization too. Weimerica Weekly was a guide to dressing as a reactionary.

This week I will tackle experience and the need to reconnect with the real. VR will not be a solution. We are not the first to deal with this problem of the modern world. Weimerica Weekly might be on a variety of things. I have had some good leads sent my way.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

WW1: Horses With Machine Guns

In pictures, the Great War appears to be between worlds. Some of the old ways were present but we were mechanized and industrialized by then. Horses were used at the start of WW2 during the German blitzkrieg of Poland but WW1 saw much more horse action. Hollywood even made a recent movie about a WW1 soldier and his horse with the completely unimaginative title "War Horse". The Jeep would be their replacement for moving high officers around and the helicopter would become our cavalry.. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Guide to Reactionary Fashion

New Weimerica Weekly is up. This one is a bit lighter as I discuss how to dress the part. The introduction though explains why this may matter more in the future.

Link seems to be messed up today. Try here...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Father-Son Chats

>Picks up after ten minutes of trying to explain things to a normie Boomer who is distracted by their phone<

"You get that right? You get what that means?"
"Why do you keep asking if I get something?"

"Because it's obvious you haven't thought it through. You pretend like the next 3 steps are not obvious. Forget the individuals who are the figureheads. Look at what the goals are. One merely wants to kick out illegals, build a wall that works for other nations and put your country first. The other represents flooding your nation with the 3rd world, removing any possibility for organized threats or resistance to their interests' rule. They can't contain random jihadis, what shot do they have versus disillusioned vets, local leaders and hunters."

"Have you heard his statements? I've voted republican for 30 years-"

"Yes, and for the 5th year in a row, I'm saying they are false opposition. Haven't you caught on? That's why even the GOP hates him, not just him but anyone who objects."

"Reality is, he won't do any of this. It won't get done."

"No shit because there's an iron bureaucracy. Just deportations and a wall is enough. Army Corps of Engineers would have to build the wall. Let the current system gunk up the gears. Then people will abandon the seduction of the ballot box pressure release. People will seek alternative arrangements. We get civil war 2-"

"That's fucking ridiculous."

"No swearing around the kids. Wait, did you not see the California Trump rallies? That's the future. You think blacks burning cities and attacking anyone not black after a black cop shoots an armed black man and then the president, also black, says you whitey, forget other non-whites, have to understand them, doesn't end in any other way? >Picks up 2 year old< Seriously, when you're dead in 20 years-"

"C'mon, like 25 or 30. >picks up Iphone<"

"Put the phone down, you're worse than >teenage niece<. 20 if you're lucky, by then we >points to self and 2 year old<  will be in a nation 1/2 3rd world. They go to school, watch shit media and are taught to hate America. America, the flag, the cops, all a proxy for you know who? >sends 2 year old off to play<"

"You're too cynical for being so young."

"No, I'm right, and you're a naïve Pollyanna. You just bitched yesterday about trannies in wigs being in girls bathrooms and its just 2016, where do you see this going? You've spent a lifetime hating the one party two faces system. Haven't you ever wondered why they never really deviate from one another? Don't you get it?"

"I get it but these comments are just... inflammatory."

"Want me to pull up quotes from professor after professor basically planning our demise? Doesn't this cause a reaction, do you feel anything? At least mom's revulsion at every ad having an interracial couple or mixed kid is real, can't you see this shit, and no, we're out of Doritos."

"This is paranoia and exaggerations, you've lost it... Oh look our high school football team is averaging 7 yards per play."


 "Reality is, we've assimilated groups before."

"You seriously think Sandeep Gupta or Hector Gonzalez is going to go to the WW2 monument and give a shit for what Grampy did? Even worse, that monument in >insert hometown< that has my great grandfathers name on it is going to get vandalized or become overgrown with weeds because no 3rd worlder is going to give a shit about WW1. It wasn't their fight. They don't care as they just get indoor plumbing here. God forbid any of my cousins have a frickin' kid instead of cosplaying."
"That's your family. What's wrong with you?"

"What's wrong with me? I became an adult. Moved out, job, wife, kids, adult passions. They use coloring books, go to Disney each year and live with my aunts and are over 30! Hold on, can you transfer some of that knee jerk defense of our degenerate ne'er-do-well family to your wider tribe of whites? Blacks cry over any criminal shot by cops, but you can't be bothered by 80 year old white grannies beaten, raped and set on fire. Why are you back on your phone?"

">not looking up< You're outta yer mind. He is completely ridiculous with what he says. Look at that PTSD comment, that's awful."

"You know >grabs tablet<... I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt... and maybe think the Jewnews was being truthful... sometimes I am wrong... sometimes I'm too cynical... but I read the transcript. >reads full PTSD Q&A< Do you ever stop to think that after the 5000th lie the media tells you that maybe it's time to shut the fucking television off?"

">still looking at phone< Don't be an asshole. You've become a guns n' god conspiracy theorist."

"All my theories got proven this year. You still watch the news. They literally lied about your company and mom's company in back to back years and you both fumed how the press lied. They lie outright and they lie by omission. The plan is to flood your nation with 3rd worlders to make sure you never pose a threat to them, in black and white emails by the very people working for or funding Clinton and other GOPers campaigns."

"Reality is, I didn't see any of that shit you mentioned on the news."

"News is regime press, of course they'll suppress anything damaging. Quick: whatever happened to those shootings last weekend you were so sad about? Gone, forgotten, why? Immigrant shooters. Remember when you said Trayvon was shot in the back and then when the trial happened, you realized Zimmerman was innocent?"

">looks up from phone< Yes, but the reality is that was a hatchet job by the med-"

"It's all hatchet jobs. All of them. Now ask why."


"Done. Over, don't bring up politics with me ever again until you're ready to know why. Put the phone away and play with your grandkids."

Monday, October 17, 2016

If You're Alive, You're Touring

Music has declined. It's not just the album sales or even the product, but it is the effect a musician's album release or video (if even made) may have on the culture. Even if an artist released an amazing album, it would be hard to have the effect or staying power that Thriller or Born in the U.S.A had in the '83-'85 period. The culture had fragmented.

There is one piece of the industry that has thrived: touring. Revenues are at record levels and growing. No slowdown for this part of the business. Cultural fragmentation helps here because have you ever stopped to listen to a radio ad for who is coming to town? Joan Baez? Gordon Lightfoot? Toad The Wet Sprocket? Click the links to see ticket prices. You will find tickets for $60, $75 and over $100. Someone is paying for the opportunity to hear these old timer or obscure acts.

Cultural fragmentation and mass SCALE helps in this regard. Niche demographics with their favorite artist can have their needs met because we have over 310 million Americans funding public theaters or providing the demand to justify private theaters. The immense size of our nation means that some old timers can do fifty dates and pocket more money than they made in their peak era of the '60s or '70s. Joan Baez touring for stacks of money is a good laugh if you remember her line from Woodstock about her old man starting a hungerstrike in prison from the protest he was a part of, man. There is no mystery as to the supply of these touring has been acts.

Where is this demand? Nostalgia is a driving force. If you loved the artist in 1974, you will get that last chance to see them live. You missed the chance in 1974 to see the act live, but the music industry can fix that. It is for you, as Gordon Lightfoot's voice is completely gone, not for the actual musical experience. It is a reference point at later social events. "Oh yes, we saw Joan, oh I loved her in '71, and we finally got the chance."

The vintage and retro themes in our culture are secret yearnings for an easier, whiter time. Even for the black community, it is for a time when their families and communities were more intact and advancing, when Hispanics and Asians were not encroaching, and black men wore suits with fedoras not pants on the ground. It is nostalgia and comfort. This could continue with music, but this might also be a feature of the Boomer cocoon effect where they think everything will work out and that America has not truly declined.

Who am I kidding? One day Livenation will throw enough money in front of The Smiths, they will do a reunion tour and Gen Xers will dutifully line up to see them.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Social Matter - Private Education Foundation Failures

New essay up at Social Matter and the focus is on education. The foundations could use more study, but I decided to focus on the Broad Foundation. It is a racket. Not quite for fixing schools but for keeping the money flowing to the foundation's programs. No one, and repeat, no one in education policy wants to admit "the gap" is natural.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Trump Outlines It, Jews Go Wild + SM Review-Preview 61

Trump gave a speech in Florida that could have been written by any of us. He used facts from Clinton's speeches and actions by the media to weave the connection between the corporate media pushing her and the international banks that are funding her. He barely outlined the interconnecting system. Jews lost it.

Every Jew on twitter called up the "Oh Jesus, look at what he is doing!" hyperventilating. This is a tired canard. Stop using the innocent Jewish population as a shield for the dirty deeds of large banks and the media. Just because Jews are overrepresented in those entities does not mean Trump was pointing out the Jewish hand in destroying the West. Stop using anti-Semitism as a shield. If Jews were really nervous, they'd be flying to Israel like the European Jews are doing after funding Leftist causes for decades. It really is unbecoming and filthy, but you have no dignity or feel shame. After all, you are lowly paid hack writing whores.

The speech was also another sledgehammer to this system. Nick Land must be enjoying this as a Trump loss fulfills the Outsideness Strategy, but the manner in which Trump is naming and shaming the system of control must be making him laugh. I hope that is the laughter I hear from the East and not just Xi Jinping laughing at the American foreign policy establishment. There is no going back. There is no exit through the entrance.


Last week I wrote on the way the asset bubbles cement the high-low alliance currently in place. Someone was upset I did not describe a bubble. Maybe I assumed my readers would know what one is. Weimerica Weekly was on youth literature and the way Tolkien's Akallabeth describes the fall of the West.

This week should be an essay on school foundations and how they are a racket and never fix any school system. Weimerica Weekly will be on men's fashion.