Friday, February 12, 2016

Wesearchr + SM Review-Preview 33

Chuck Johnson has a project. Not just Chuck, but a guy you might remember by the name of Pax Dickinson. Wesearchr. It is Chuck and Pax, and it is called an "information marketplace". I know a little bit about it, and it sounds like it will revolutionize how we share information, research and build stories. You want to take aim at the media? Go there and sign up.


Last week for Social Matter, I wrote about the time feminism started a war. We need to point out the failures of affirmative action candidates. We need to show that those rah-rah prog moments celebrating "historic firsts" have negative consequences. On Wednesday, my interview with Luke Ford aired. We discussed the Dark Enlightenment, the Jewish community and then the porn industry. We disagree on the mainstreaming of porn.

Part of why I write on the darker side to porn and tend to destroy mainstream media puff pieces about the industry is because of Luke Ford. It is a sick industry. I view it as a funhouse mirror for American society and a symptom of our decline. it was an honor to interview someone who shaped my view of that industry.

This week I will write on the media cosbying a man they only recently elevated to feminist hero. What's cosbying? You will have to read to find out.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

WW1 - Colorized Pictures

Each week, these WW1 pictures are black and white. It adds to the distance in years. Seeing anything in color makes it feels closer to us and more relevant and understandable. Today I post a couple of colorized photos from the Great War. Men like you and me.

French troops guading a metro station

The trenches were the midwives of tanks

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Episode 12

The new Weimerica Weekly is up, and it is another interview. This one is with Luke Ford, and if one knows him, one knows we will discuss pornography.
It is not just that. I ask Ford about why he was drawn to reading the Dark Enlightenment sites, Jews in general, will there be a backlash, and then we get to discussing pornography and how it is portrayed in the broader culture and media. He disagrees with my idea that it is more normalized and mainstream now.

Please listen for the 30 minutes or so. It is perfect for a lunch break as well as a drive home. I have one more interview scheduled for this month. That one goes an hour though.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

In Defense of Spandrell but not Jim

A couple weeks ago when I wrote how NRX is not Altright, I mentioned being the last of the NRx bloggers. That is incorrect. There are guys out there who write still. One is Spandrell. Recently Spandrell wrote a tongue in cheek post but semi-serious about a way out of the current predicament for whites: convert to Islam. Please read it. He clearly lays out how it's the perfect cover. It is a weird way to render the Left's attacks useless. Now Spandrell sometimes writes like a condescending Eeyore, but he has a right to be pessimistic. Things look horrible. It grows worse. He received pushback, which is good but also threats which is bad.

It is Internet posting from unpaid writers. No need to threaten a guy. I laughed at his post because there are good points to it. The one catch is the problem of the Left catching on and then applying the pressure of the entire security state on you with the added cover of it being against Muslim terrorist threats. If it is solely joining a unit of the coalition of victims and the fringes, it might get bad if the coalition frays and starts an all on all war. When one is facing a totalitarian and powerful adversary, one has to think in odd ways not just to fight but to survive. This is not just surviving the USSR like Solzhenitsyn did because the Western Left has added 3rd world invasion to the mix. The future is very murky.

No need to threaten the guy. I know what my simple "Russian Amerikanskiy Zones" post inspired in some for a reaction, and that was, like Spandrell's post, an "exit" strategy. No need to threaten him because some of us joked on twitter about this a year or so ago. Could we convert to Sunni and make a sect within like the Sufis that reveres Jesus? have some fun with it? There are lapsed Muslims and bad Muslims, c'mon, they drink in France. I have seen them drink here. It's a troll to survive.

Spandrell should not get threats. It's Internet posting so click another link, turn your head, look the other way, turn the screen off. Don't tell me some of you have not weighed the "leave the US before it gets horrendous or stay and fight" pros and cons. I know you have. I have messaged with you. It is quite the debate. I think we get a fight in the 2020s. In the 2020s, there will be blood.

I'll defend Spandrell but not Jim's post "Women Like Rapists". As one of the last NRx people on twitter and with an active blog, I get notes from readers. Some people had asked me last week what the fuck is wrong with Jim, and I don't think there is anything wrong with him. Jim is a good thinker and has a unique style. Everyone has good and bad quirks, but I would not waste time defending his post. It's not my job. Go to his comments section and debate with him.

In the post, Jim takes evolutionary psychology to the nth degree and combines it with some Swedish feminists angrily saying we're not "your women" to Swedish men discussing protecting "our women". Oh man, that means the Swedish women want the Muslim rapists! What autism!

Commenters on Jim's own blog note the 500+ police reports in Cologne alone, the cries for help on TV on Internet videos and other items that maybe make this bigger than that. Jim's looking at a sliver of the issue, and this entire Islamic Invasion is way bigger than just that. How much of the kneejerk pro-migrant reaction is decades of accept the others programming? How much of this is Stockholm Syndrome? It might also politically be feminists taking any chance to proclaim their grrl power womynhood like the slutwalks and also defend the idiotic policies of the party they support. Swedish feminists might be the West's worst, too. If anything, this is a wonderful example of how the political team allegiance mind virus has so twisted feminists that they cannot see their coming deaths from stonings and honor killings. Even gays are saying we should accept the Muslims, and they will be tossed off roofs in a EU Caliphate.

But hey, Jim wrote "Women Like Rapists". Seems like hyperbole for an attention grabbing title. I don't know. What I do know is women fantasizing about rough sex and even rape in women's erotica (think any Ayn Rand written sex scene) is not like having 8 drunk Arabs beat and gang rape a 50 year old, a 21 year old or even a 10 year old. Apples and fucking oranges.

Jim has a point that the lotus eater euro men have to step up, and that patriarchy should be recognized because it is either coming back with euros in the lead or Muslims (but as Spandrell wrote, maybe Euro-Muslims). As part of "my team", I will defend Jim from baseless accusations, but not this post. Jim has many great points in many different essays, including the essays right before and after the discussed one. This one seems myopic in view.

It's okay if I am the only person in my crowd who disagrees with that post, but fuck it, it's just Internet posting.


If interested, the MPC thread on the Dark Enlightenment is something I check every few weeks or so to see if there is constructive criticism. It has declined in quality and switched from criticism, debate and playful teasing of Foseti, Moldbug and Dark Enlightenment ideas to simply mocking the latest post from pedo.Jim (MPC's nickname for him).

Monday, February 08, 2016

Deutsche Bank The Bagholder

The American system relies on kinetic and financial weapons. This is the importance of the BRICs trying to build a world bank, IMF, rating agency structure to compete. It is not just to compete but to lessen the power of America's different financial weapons. America attempts to destroy any competitor. Brain-draining other countries plays into this, and so does financial interconnectedness. Germany is facing a major problem and should be hitting the "PANIC" button. Deutsche Bank is now the bagholder for Wall Street.

Zero Hedge has a great essay up on Deutsche Bank being in trouble. The derivatives game is not like you or I playing with stocks or bonds with losses. If you actually look at derivative exposure, it is a game played by the big boys with very few banks holding the vast majority of derivatives. This was their economic moat. This is why Rubin pushed for them to be unregulated. It could become a playground for the big boys, and they would never have to deal with competition reducing their gains from working with them unlike traditional banking or even investing. The other catch is the nature of them. With derivatives, there is a winner and loser. This was part of the MF Global scam: if MF Global lost millions or billions in derivative trades, who were the winners? If DB is set to lose, who are the winners.

Knock on effect of euro banks were big buyers of American muni debt. They have been recycling those credit lines from the US FED and buying up those munis, keeping rates low when there should be NO reason for them to be this low. I have thrown it out there before that Deutsche Bank looked to be the next AIG, and were on the other side of some big trades. If JPMorgan has set up DB on the other side of many of its precious metals derivatives trades, just how comical will it be to see JPMorgan via its puppet USG allow for gold to rise quickly again and screw over DB. If Wall Street has set them up as the bagholder, this will have many consequences.

If DB gets in trouble, will other EU banks follow them down? How much more stress does the German sociopolitical system come under? Germany can keep some of the cucks and native hostages fine with their economy humming along, but a crisis plus 90,000 Muslim migrants a month is a recipe for immediate disaster. If the EU banks are in trouble, what assets do they sell to raise capital? That would end the FED's backdoor bailout and subsidy of American state, city and county governments. If they start selling those American muni bonds, munis will see their bonds fall, interest rates rise and borrowing costs skyrocket. Will they finally face the day of reckoning that Meredith Whitney predicted? Maybe. This would be a horrendous event if combined with a rollover in the American real estate market that provides so many municipalities with property taxes. If they all do come together, then the slow motion collapse will enter a new phase.

Cops pulled back in 2015 and crime rose in many cities. Combine cops pulling back and social services being cut or money transfers being squeezed, and it will get worse.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Social Matter - When Feminism Started A War

The Super Bowl sucks so why not read my new essay up at Social Matter? Feminism started a war once and it was not long ago.

As America hurtles towards an election with a giant marketing push of a first female president, it seems appropriate to reflect on the effect of the fairer sex on politics. Forget unemployed Mrs. Clinton’s history of failure as Secretary of State. What possible difference could a female at the helm of the big chair make? Could feminism start a war? Of course! It already has.
It will be more entertainign than the game and not take long. Plus, you can find out something our elite like to hide away from discussion: negative consequences for affirmative action hires.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Shadowbanned + SM Review-Preview 32

It appears I have been shadowbanned on Twitter. Nick B Steves discovered this. I am not coming up on general searches by non-followers. This is sad but to be expected since the Twitter bosses have gone full SJW. We know they manipulate trends, so silencing little accounts should not be considered too petty for them. What we can figure out is that the following accounts cannot come up in searches.

*Search Banned:*

This is all we can determine at this time. The Duck went out in a blaze of glory because a big purge was coming. The progs have hard censorship and soft censorship. This is a soft censorship. The hard will come. This is the Left. They always want to do just enough to get the job done but not enough to incur the accusations they deserve. They want to hide behind technicalities.

Network, build your own platforms, delegitimize their institutions.


Last week I wrote about how not every problem around the world is America's fault. It was a recount of how the British chose the wrong "King of the Arabs", and it was some shifty work by one of their field agents. A very different world would exist if the Saudis were not the guardians of Mecca. My Weimerica Weekly podcast was aboutplastic surgery, especially the odd rise of breast augmentation surgery.

This week I will write on how feminism started a war. Yes, it did and in our lifetime. This week's Weimerica Weekly will be an interview. It is with someone outside of our sphere but who enjoys our sphere. He also influenced my writing on a specific subject.

*Update: Twitter noticed that we noticed and so did Breitbart.