Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - Blue Town Blues

Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. I chat with a disillusioned Democrat that does consulting work for small towns who has experience in DC. It is roughly 50 minutes of discussing small towns, how they handle problems, DC and the current state of the Left.

Monday, January 16, 2017

MLK Day Mythology

It is MLK Day. The myth is strong. The myth has to be strong to cover for the reality. The myth of gentle, good MLK is so strong that today on facebook you will find blacks saying they liked Malcolm X better because he was harsher and mo' realer 'n' shit. They even question what MLK did to get anything done and argue Malcolm X got mo' done. (I'm quoting my black Facebook friends.) "By any means necessary" they cheer right now forgetting they are 13% of the population and in such disarray that their members all leave the community the moment they get any money. MLK did work for the high that used him.

The MLK myth is not for them but for whites. Whites have to see MLK as a saint. If they saw reality, well, what would become of the saint? King was a plagiarist, even academia and Wiki-liberals agree on that. MLK was a cheater that smacked hookers. Jackie Kennedy was on the record as saying she was disgusted by the sex parties King and his circle would have, and saw them beneath the elite. The FBI letters or calls to MLK to say "kill yourself" was because they knew he was a cheating hypocrite.

This cannot be in films like "Selma". It would ruin the myth. People forget the man was in his 30s when the elite were using him. He was not even 40 when he died. That also feeds into the myth. He was a tool of the elite with direct access to multiple presidents. LBJ was asking him for something to help pass the Civil Rights Act. He needed help, and the media elite gladly helped. He was no underdog, simply the low that the high used to break the middle.

Where did all of the money come from? King was good friends with Stanley Levison, communist and of course, Jew. Levison helped King in organization, speechwriting and other great things that made his cause progress. Now, who could get King all that money? Who could be the friendly go-between for the New York donors. This has to be downplayed because the myth requires organic, grassroots activism. The underdog has to triumph, not the useful pawn. The myth must be maintained.

I will quote from myself on the MLK statue fundraising problem. The black museum and MLK memorial was almost not approved due to fundraising shortfalls.
The myth is strong enough for the statue in D.C. The sad part about the statue is that the memorial had a $120 million fundraising target yet needed $10 mil from the US government and $25 million from the Chinese government to meet the fundraising goals. The Chinese completed the statue as it was designed by a Chinese designer. The memorial had large donations from major corporations, foundations and private names. Some big names like car manufacturers, the Gates Foundation and even Tommy Hilfiger and George Lucas dot the major donor list. 
Despite this, the MLK memorial nearly missed fundraising (and having their permit revoked) despite a multi-year campaign and $35 million from the US and Chinese government. The fundraising foundation could not accrue roughly $85 mil (a ceiling due to corp + foundation donations) from the American and especially the black community. It is not poverty but priorities that created the fundraising problem. Blacks spend between $7-9 billion per year on hair care products. Do the math. If those hair care companies had devoted 1% of sales to the MLK memorial in support for their customers, they would have met the fundraising goal in a little over one year. MLK's legacy is a monument designed and assembled by Chinese that some blacks grumble about but did not prevent because they needed Chinese money. The dream is in stone, even if someone else built and bought it.

Maybe they should have picked Malcolm X and picked up donations from regular black Americans? I doubt even that would have worked.

This gets us to our modern times where your kids do little write ups on MLK in school. The four or five sentence blurbs in grade school or four or five page papers in junior high never mention this. Education is our indoctrination centers. They are the Sunday Schools and seminaries. Forget reality, preach the good word. Reality complicates that, so forget reality.... but kids, don't you know Thomas Jefferson was evil because he owned slaves?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Social Matter - How Trump Can End Sanctuary Cities

New essay up at Social Matter. Trump promised to do something to end sanctuary cities. Here is how he can do it without a legal fight. He can also use this as a means to toss a grenade in the middle of the wildly different and conflicting wings of the Left. Blow up the Clinton Archipelago and pit the Left factions against one another.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Hyperemotional Left + SM Review-Preview 73

This week's insanity was provided to America, and the globe, by Buzzfeed running a fake news story about Trump, Russia and bizarre sexual acts. The Russians denied having any type of file on Trump or Clinton. The details of this fake dossier were straight out of Weimerica and straight from /pol comedy. Breitbart does not miss the perfect chance to use "Yellow Journalism" to describe it. I'll comment on the amazing troll job performed later. This all plays into a bigger item: the Left has become hyperemotional.

Nick Land noted months ago that the Left's desire for safe spaces, becoming catatonic at any different suggestion or feeling wounded by mere words or microagressions was creating an enemy that would fold up or crack up easily. The safe space, crying and shut it down crowd is one element of this agitated state but so is the enemies hysteria. The "treason" hyperventilating that started with reporters like Jeff Goldberg with a throwaway Trump conference line have elevated to many progs throwing treason and traitor around with no evidence. This is all rich coming from people who side with any person that washes onshore to fight against their fellow countrymen.

Buzzfeed's crew was agitated. The inauguration is little more than a week away. The bizarre smear is a desperate attempt to validate their claims of treason while pointing and laughing at the other. If the /pol crew truly did set this up by feeding it to Rick Wilson, who then passed it along to others and trolled CIA, DNI, etc. into considering it real and even embellishing it with a Russian angle, then we are not dealing with rational people but with overemotional lunatics. America has the greatest collection of intelligence tech known to man. Still it all relies on the human that uses it. Our human hierarchy is staffed with progs that so desperately want their narrative to be true and defy reality.

Reality should have stopped a variety of people. Immediately, there was pushback as one of the claims (Trump's lawyer Cohen going to Prague) was denied and debunked with simple fact checking. The rest, well the rest read like the greatest troll job in the history of trolling. Trump supposedly stayed in Moscow and in the room the Obamas stayed in. He had Russian hookers pee on the bed. This is genius trolling by the boys at /pol or some merry prankster. I hope that this becomes a public way for Trump to dismantle CIA because of just how easy it is to get them to sign off on evil enemies if the intel lines up with their desires. This make the Iraq War run up nonsense more believable as Chalabi fed them what they wanted to hear, and he was not an anonymous troll.

The Left is hyperemotional. This is to be expected from people who have turned politics into religion. Religious devotees do things like sob at farewell speeches of elite puppets and jump on any lurid tale devoid of evidence as long as it smears the other.


Last week I wrote about the potential for a white baby boom with the Trump presidency. There is an echo of Weimar turning over to Nazi rule that may be seen again. We will see. Weimerica Weekly was about the need to take the next step and build public spaces for people to push on the Overton Window as well as feel safe to pushback on progs.

This week I will write about a possible way for the Trump administration to split the Left via money and immigration. Weimerica Weekly will be a talk on the Obama presidency. The eight years are over, so what exactly did we see?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

WW1 Mechanics In Need

The changing nature of warfare made for new recruits. Skilled mechanics were needed for the industrialized method of warfare of WW1.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - Create and Build Public Space

Weimerica Weekly has actually moved to Tuesday. It is up at Social Matter. We are moving it to Tuesday to make room for more content at Social Matter. I posted this today just in case people are normal Wednesday status checkers.

This week I push the idea that we need to build public space to nudge people along and create an environment where people feel safe to oppose the regime. This does not have to be complicated, just simply standing your ground in a public setting. If the word racist, sexist or homophobe mean nothing anymore, act like it in your friendly discussions of politics, society and culture.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Diversity + Proximity = War, One Exception

"Diversity + Proximity = War" is the great Heartiste 21st century slogan that encapsulates tribal warfare. One out though, which the American 20th century experiment proved was, it is possible to build a pan euro society. You know who ruined this with Marxist education, media and immigration, but an American identity was built across very different groups from inside and outside the hajnal line. The secret: are the men but especially are the women of comparable beauty.

Diversity will create winners and losers per the strengths and weaknesses of the disparate groups. Skills, abilities, physical traits are distributed differently among groups. Research shows even blind men prefer women with a lower waist to hip ratio. Nature is hardwired, and even the greatest propaganda machine in the history of the world has a hard time getting people to change their preferences (in action, not how they answer an opinion survey). Losers, and being part of the group that is disadvantaged, will create resentment, envy and anger.

There is no greater anger than being rejected sexually and for marriage. Cruise the internet, and you will find bitter men and women of different groups that lose out in the mating market. I chuckle considering how my wife saw Eliot Rodger's picture and thought he was a cute guy, but when she found out his height, knew why he was rejected by women. Living in a nation where the average height was well above his, Rodger was a mating market loser. He also went on an incel rage killing spree. Go even deeper and check out Tumblr for the odd stirrings of segregated dating. Black women are constantly advocating this, but even holy progressive whites are considering interracial dating as a kind of theft from groups (yes, it is comical). Side note: black women are so angry that white women are proud to have booties that they are saying white women are evolving as black women set the standard. Some white women always did, but they never knew it was okay to be proud of it until the media pushed J.Lo.

One must look beyond the Tumblrite talking points about beauty. The collage above is a fun collection of the composite faces from each nation per Facebook pictures. This is not simply skin tone. The disproportionate mating success issue is not skin tone but body shape and the facial bone structure. When non-white crybabies whine about white ideals of beauty, they are trying to make it about color and not about the underlying bone structure, hair and body shape.

Do we need to even discuss average BMIs, the waist to hip ratios of groups, hair? Look at the skulls below. The true trick to European facial beauty is the inverted pyramid of the nasal bridge and jaw. The soft jawline is the key to the feminine look, but the inverted pyramid gives the face a three dimensional look that the human eye finds desirable. No amount of Halle Berrys and Toni Braxtons, who still had facial plastic surgery, paraded on television is going to change the street level daily interactions of millions of people.

Peace also took decades for all, more than a century with the Irish, by breaking the mannerbunds of different American ethnic enclaves. There had to be crack downs on mafias, organized crime, etc. in combination with the spotlighting of the good of the Anglo system of law and order. It took decades to convince other groups to buy into it, but there had to be a carrot and stick approach. A carrot was that the economic system allowed for those not as cognitively blessed to prosper via manual labor or simply homesteading. One of America's greatest secret spices for success was always having new area to explore, fill and claim.

The carrot and stick also had help in that Anglos, Germans, Italians, Irish, Scandis and other Euro descended populations could feel that the mating market had parity. The American mutt could come into being because the overlap between groups was so great. Even media use of Madonna was a way of approving and saying "yes ethnic whites are just as good as the Anglo-Nordic ideal of beauty". If the women of each group in the melting pot has some comparable level of beauty and has strengths another group doesn't have and likewise the men of each group finds them all desirable, you can have peace.

Diversity + Proximity = War but not in all cases.