Thursday, September 22, 2016

WW1: Homefront Help

This was a cartoon drawn up for the papers back home. The mirroring of positions is a nice touch. A time when a woman's contribution to war is considered to be error filled even if domestic related. It still could be appreciated for the effort and thought. Now we send women into combat with results that will be worse than misshapen mittens.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why The Memes Are Strong

When the meme becomes real. This messaging between men in the dissident right happens from time to time with a photo or a Faceborg text screencap. A meme that started as a joke is confirmed in the wild. It is a bit absurd to consider how the memes of /pol, MPC, TRS, NRx or the AltRight, which are small sections of the American population, seem to pop up in reality unnoticed by the rest of society.

There are two keys to this. One is input related and the other is process related. The input is pretty simple. There is an element of truth in every single meme out there. The meme whether terminology, imagery or label has to ring true. One has to be able to smirk and think that "yeah that is pretty absurd, but also true". It has to stick with the person who sees it as absurd but just a caricature of reality.

The cuck meme was smart because of the kind of man who would put up with it did fit a certain look and attitude. Transferring it to politics, the enthusiastic dispossession and sell out as well as the application of it to literally feeding aliens brought into your home (nest) was perfect. Spotting the horn rimmed glasses white liberal weakling and turning it into cartoons is repeatedly confirmed in real life as countless SWPL men war the damn glasses and all spout the same liberal platitudes and clich├ęs. Dindu Nuffin was so successful (as is "dindu" itself) that it shows up on news media comment sections and financial forums. It is a great meme because it specifically isolates a strain of blacks that always delivers with the same phrase over and over again when the television cameras get in their face.

The second key is simply the process. These memes follow a harsh evolution. This is Darwinism applied to an idea. People craft insults, images and whatnot often on boards and forums, so if something is going to last in a location, it has to work. It has to generate a feeling and be effective at transmitting an idea. Part of what makes it work is the environment of anonymous posters who don't know each other except thru pseudonyms. There is no reason not to be cruel and not to rag on someone's idea when it is all anonymous.

I have called MPC the buzzsaw because they are brutal to anyone and everyone, but that is why things that survive on MPC and make it out are effective. Had Eloh (RIP) come up with cuckservative and it been dumb, they would have trashed it. No one would have known. It clicked though, and was perfect. The MPC forum comes up with many threads and many ideas, but many are weak and die in that forum. The strongest that survive have withstood the harsh environment of the MPC crowd.

This is also in contrast to the prog memes. They have weaker memes that only succeed if repeated countless times via education and media over and over again. This is simply Brave New World's Pavlovian methods. Progs also suffer from their love of consensus and making sure all feel included. This is why their crazy glue as Steve Sailer calls it is the hatred of straight white males. Milo's experience might mean it is white males now. That is their one big meme they can all agree on, which is also a stand in for "FU dad" and in reality "FU Christian God". Even if memes are put forth, how hard are people going to be criticizing it since they don't want to offend their allies?

There is a weird evolution at work, which is also only possible because of the fringe environment which the dissident right exists in. To borrow from Land, the dissident right is on the outside, harsh, unforgiving and can be abandoned by these people to go where? This will continue to develop as hate speech laws grow in Europe and start in America. New codes and language as well as imagery will need to be developed to route around the totalitarianism that will begin to invade our language even more than PC did a generation ago.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Serena Endorsements Issue

Tennis finishes out its season with the US Open. On the ladies' side, the question is "can someone beat Serena?". That is how current women's tennis is, but it was not always like this. It was not like this even early in Serena Williams' career. As another season wraps up the safely controversial, or faux rebellious, articles get written about Serena while unmentionables continue due to political correctness.

The mystery of why Serena Williams does not make as much in endorsement as Maria Sharapova despite on court dominance. Before stepping into this, please read the fear of a dominant black woman article, as it is a riot. The Left loves to use the word or idea of fear as to why people may not like something. Just like many others who watch sports, I enjoy skilled competition. Ratings drop if Serena gets bounced out of a tournament early. People will watch her play. They can also think she is an asshole.

She also has never lost a match because the opponent outplayed her. Listen to her press conferences. She always beats herself. Even when the Belgians Henin and Clijsters were beating her handily, she would not admit they outplayed her. It's goddamn annoying. Her sister is or was the same way, which means maybe its just who they are. The steroids thing is also going to repel humans who notice. The follow up to that is the "OMG she iz soooo beautiful" pundit class repeating that line despite natural repulsion to women in he uncanny muscle valley. Female tennis players admit to balancing body image and success on the court, and wouldn't you know it, Serena Williams does not even touch weights. I can just see this line also being used for Lena Dunham in five years, "Williams, 33, who has appeared on the cover of Vogue, is regarded as symbol of beauty by many women". That statement is factually correct (grammar is off), but hollow in meaning.

Why might Sharapova earn more in endorsement money than Serena and why does Sharapova not rock the roids for an advantage on the court vs. Serena? There is a "gap" of about $5 million between them, and oh darn, the media doesn't like it. First, Sharapova did fail a drug test due to an endurance drug with some back and forth between her and the WTA. Still, roiding up for Sharapova and some of the others in the NY Times article, may not give the payoff they want. Does an additional Grand Slam title make it worth it for Sharapova to play with her health and looks? Will she earn more money? Not really. This is an incentives game, and the incentives are not there.

Second, who are the advertisers using tennis marketing too? Look at the crowds, consider the players, consider who plays at the lower level. High disposable income folks and a predominantly white crowd. Sharapova looks like the leggy, hot Russian girl that showed up at the country club. Serena Williams resembles a linebacker. You are not going to pitch aspirational ads to white women using Serena Williams, but of course you can with the beautiful blonde. You are not going to pitch ads using Serena Williams muscular frame to men as "buy this product and you too can get this woman". Tennis market men are not fantasizing about sex with an NFL cornerback that has breasts.

Who the advertisement is targeting matters more, and that slight gap can be found there. Maybe thirteen years ago when Serena Williams was more womanly in shape you could pitch her in that manner, but not now. The women that the NY Times says consider her a symbol of beauty are not buying the products that advertise to the tennis viewer market. This will just remain another mystery for the mainstream media because they cannot utter the simple truth.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Social Matter - Hidden History: The Soviets CIA Head

New essay at Social Matter. This one is on the curious case of a decorated and fierce Cold Warrior who had some curious gaps in his record. This one also reflects the hiding of not just history by the professional Left but the goons at Wikipedia. Not a word of it on his Wiki entry.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

WW1: Red Cross Doge

The modern urban dandy would definitely enlist in the forces of the Great War if he knew he could maintain his luxurious facial hair and be tended to by his faithful doge. This is a Red Cross working dog that would bring first aid supplies to me in the trenches and in camps. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Note on Synthetic Heroin

In July, the authorities in central Ohio warned the public about an extremely dangerous type of heroin moving around the community. They arrested a dealer (black male, not an immigrant) on charges who was a focus of this new stuff. It was not heroin but was a synthetic opioid. Fentanyl and carfentanyl laced powder sold as heroin was going to hit the streets. A little over a month later, and suddenly the overdoses are piling up and the NY Times is on it. There is a great unspoken in these synthetic heroin overdose tales. The stuff is made here. No smuggling needed. The heroin story has entered a new phase.

The media mentions smuggling in from China and Mexico. It's Mexico mostly as the Sinaloas control a huge percentage of America's heroin inflow. What this addition of synthetic heroin more and more into the heroin market means is that there is now enough infrastructure and consistent demand for the heroin distribution network to not need to import. Heroin may not need to ride waves of usage as it did before and rely on the problem of foreign imports anymore.

When heroin first began to skyrocket fifteen years ago (don't forget the early '90s heroin wave), the flood of Afghanistan production increased the global supply enough that all distributors had enough product to move. This did drop the price to where one could get high off heroin cheaper than buying a bag of M&Ms. This also had the tailwind of American pill manufacturers of oxys changing the way pills were so they were harder to crush and raised awareness nationwide of youths and others abusing people's pills. Supply and demand came together for an increase in consumption and a switch in good consumed by users.

Heroin still had a distribution network problem. There was little infrastructure. This is why immigration is so important. The Mexicans could move whether Sinaloa, Zeta or Gulf cartel aligned among the millions that came into the US over the border. They could sell directly or move the product through current street gangs. Going wholesale gave them a buffer. Plus, being a new "other" in our society made infiltrating and penetrating those gangs more difficult.

Even with the product moving quickly, and Mexico ramped up heroin inflows to the US after marijuana was made in legal in some states, there was the reputation for Mexican brown, dirty heroin. Users wanted the white fine china. Here's where fentanyl and carfentanyl come in. They are synthetic. They are manufactured and made to look white. The local gangs, which have been selling dirty Mexican heroin, now have a way to sell white heroin looking substances but via their Mexican suppliers now that the cartels have a network here. Some may even become independents.

No way are cartels risking smuggling heroin looking powders over the border when they can just manufacture them in America, in safe locations. Hispanics are 17% of the American population now. Tell me they can't hide? This is not meth. This is not Breaking Bad. Fentanyl is manufactured at room temperature. It can be mixed into a powder in your home and only at room temperature. I stress room temperature for two reasons. First, there is no need for special equipment. Second, any heat scans are not going to pick up anything. No toxic gases, and the Meth House smell is not present. No need for trailers in the woods or desert as it can be whipped up in any home.

The other very difficult thing about synthetics like fentanyl and carfentanyl are the potency. At just 10-20 times as powerful, they can manufacture one kilo of the fentanyl and have the equivalent of twenty kilos of heroin. They cut it with white powders, and now they have what looks like 20 kilos of heroin and will give users the same high despite far less product. No smuggling risk. If held pre-cut, that is a tiny amount of powder to flush down the toilet if a bust happens. Some can even just cook up one kilo of fentanyl and add a bit to each heroin baggie for that extra kick. The marketing might be that yes the Mexican brown stuff is dirty, but this stuff has kick the white powder does not have. The incentives are there for them to try this and change their product if not in spikes in outright substitutions.

The dangerous sign is that they are moving to this more and using more exotic opioids. Users need to chase the greater high, so the synthetic stuff will meet that need. The cartels and dealers now feel heroin is a secure enough market that they can abandon their former smugglers and produce onsite. The ease of production is a factor in their favor. They will continue to use it because they know the demand will be there now and do not care if you overdose and die.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Note On Clinton

#WhereWereYou #NeverForget #TakeAKnee

I'm not hastagging for 9/11. I am hashtagging for where were you when a random New Yorker Rodney Kinged this election with video of the #ClintonCollapse. You probably started off laughing about the initial report she collapsed leaving the memorial. The video made the hardest of hearts laugh but it also had to make you pause and get worried.

This is who the system is all behind. This is who the Democrat elite cleared out the field for. This is who the media has been carefully covering for every single step of the way. This is who the Saudis are funneling millions to. This is AIPAC's preferred executive. This is the neocon's choice to make hard foreign policy decisions. This is the candidate of the bankers. This is the nexus of all of their pay for play and corruption scandals. This is a sick and dying old woman.

Stop with the FDR or JFK comparisons. Neither were suffering nervous system and brain affecting problems. FDR was wheelchair bound but of sound mind. JFK had major back issues and was using drugs to keep up, but was of as sound of mind as a Kennedy could have. If anything, the Left is proving how they have done this in the past for their boys. I am hard pressed to see the government dependents shifting their vote due to this, but there is one crowd that may. Right now college educated whites are breaking for Clinton when in '12 they broke for Romney. This may, may, peel some of them away. This might provide cover for them to say, "I'm not a racist, but I just can't vote for someone who may die in office".

Those of us on the fringe have known she is sick. It doesn't take a genius to piece it all together. This is not a sick and dying queen at the end of her reign. This is a woman they are selecting to be the figurehead for their system. The puppet strings have been obvious on the last couple of presidents, but this is Weekend at Bernie's level puppetry. Yesterday, I was looking around for fictional analogues. On MPC, Bixxy Noodles cited the book "Interface" that has a stroked out presidential candidate take cues from a biochip implanted by a shadowy group called "the network". Best I could reason was "The Dark Knight Strikes Back" where a hologram president is controlled by Lex Luthor (Soros) as the Brainiac (Silicon Valley progs) run the show.

It would be far healthier for the elite to explain how they handle everything and formalize their control. Lay it out there for all to see, and see if the fireworks start or if by stating how they control it, they can stop wasting time propagandizing everyone on everything. Alternative arrangements can be made. We could all stop pretending the president has this immense power, and start to learn who really calls the shots. If Soros, Buffet, Steyer or the Koch brothers had to explain themselves, me thinks policies would be untenable.

Isn't this beautiful though? Isn't this appropriate in this "the current year" for the progressive experiment? It's all unraveling. The media is having a harder time spinning things. Yesterday's events felt like Napolean's march to Paris except over the course of one day. It was nothing -> overheated -> stumbled -> you're sexist -> stop speculating -> it's pneumonia. All of that in less than twelve hours. The policy mandarins cannot control the forces and third world heathens they have allied with, and still double and triple down on the zombie slogan and ideas. A zombie executive for a zombie belief system of a zombie empire. Strategist Michael Vlahos has noted they are still sleepwalking into the new global order as if America can call every shot the way it wants to. The game is changing but they are not adapting.

Lost in this is a nice juxtaposition. Clinton spent August barely campaigning, hiding out in her gurney most likely. The fringe right spent the month talking about her health issues, pressing on in the aftermath of the ridiculous Khan controversy. She walks out, wastes a speech to give the little blogs and twitter accounts the label of fringe jerks to smear Trump. Since then, the fringe is proven right. She is a stumbling, collapsing image of the establishment. It is fair to be frightened that people would still vote for a woman this ill and corrupt. That is the marker of our degraded voter pool. I'm more troubled by the elite's paving of her road to power for their use.

They are delegitimizing their own system far more effectively than we can.