Monday, May 04, 2015

The Beauty of Ballet

One of the few items that truly separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom, revealing the human spirit and soul, is art. In our 21st century cultural landscape, art is a degraded idea, made ugly by an intellectual crowd too happy to just be considered cool and far to open to any amateur. The multicultural crowd slides into forms, where audiences are told alien looking garbage is on par with Rembrandt. We live in a society where simple representations of beach babe beauty creates online firestorms and real life bomb threats from feminists. How do you fight that or where can you still find art that reaches for the heights of human beauty? Watch ballet.

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Friday, May 01, 2015

US 2015 = Rome of 44BC or Rome 440AD?

What comes next? It is the question on many minds from left to right as the post-WW2 consensus and UN world order unravels. It is like a society wide version of Waiting for Godot. Maybe you subscribe to the Fourth Turning concepts, and know that this crisis period will go on for 20 years and out of it, America will be radically different. Maybe you’re looking even older, and realize this is not just about America the country, but America the empire, and by extension the Western World. The US-UK duo has a decent analogue in the Byzantine Empire-Roman Empire. Rome. The imperial issue draws Americans to comparisons to Rome, but where are we? Is the America of 2015 in the position of the Rome of 44BC or the Rome of 440AD?

The first thing to keep in mind is a fair evaluation of America in 2015, and how it relates to the original formulation. The primarily Anglo stock with a small population of African imported slaves, has changed through the years. The Anglo dominant population has been diluted through different waves of immigration, but if the Anglo numbers lost dominance decades ago, they lost cultural dominance decades ago as well. As opposed to the 80% white nation of 1980, the reality of 2015 America is a 65% white nation with a first and second generation immigrant population that keeps on rising. America itself is the global empire, and has been so since the end of WW2, enjoying sole dominance the last 25 years. Not just in might, but the exporting of our pop culture is key as the world has undergone a process of Californication thanks to Hollywood and exporting “cool”. America’s economic dominance peaked in the post-WW2 aftermath as the rest of the world’s manufacturing power was destroyed (mostly by Allied bombing). America went from the dominant oil player, to the swing oil player, to a net oil importer, and has been at the mercy of other oil producers for over 40 years. The currency has been diluted. America’s manufacturing might peaked decades ago, wages for the helots peaked decades ago, and even after the hocus pocus magic of the FIRE economy that was born in the early ‘80s, the US economy peaked around 2000. Wealth itself has become concentrated, and the wealthiest individuals all support open immigration as long as they can keep their estates. America’s institutions have reached schlerotic paralysis and are distrusted by much of the population. Money has corrupted and bought the direction of the state. Wars have become wars of choice and for the imperial glory of small cliques and to placate foreign allies, not for national defense.

The American government and institutions function still, but no public institution seems to work as well as days of old, and usually just for the continued existence of themselves. Full blown decadence has been forced on the population as “Weimerica” exposes even our young to gays, trans, and incest in pop culture storylines on ABC Family shows… and not as sinful acts to be ashamed of. The barbarians are encouraged to burn the towns. The barbarians are not encouraged to attempt to raise their standard of behavior. There are pockets of hope and some bright spots with regards to technology. The problems is that those spots are like soap bubbles on the surface of dirty water. This technology and energy involved is a rather complex system that involves keeping a lot of plates spinning to give us those Tesla Roadsters and life saving pharmaceuticals. The most damning thing of all is that the American public constantly wants to “fix” problems, but rarely, if ever, has the will to do so.

Is this Rome of 44BC or Rome of 440AD? I am just an amateur, but let’s look at mid-1st century BC Rome versus pre-collapse 440AD. Missed by many quick history discussions of Caesar’s political moves is the massive reform that he did of the provinces and other administrative. The late Republic was riddled with corruption not just in the law and voting but policy decision making. Rome had cleaned out Carthage and Greece before, so they were the dominant Mediterranean player, but they had not conquered all of their neighbors until very recently. Caesar finished the conquest of Gaul (he even wrote a book about it), so Romanization of much of the Empire was in its infancy. Rome’s legions were still Roman men. Rome’s economy was agricultural based, but had taken on the “plunder” system under senatorial administration of the provinces. That is partly what Caesar changed. In 44BC, Rome was on the cusp of a massive explosion in trade, wealth and simple things like lead production reveal the truth of this. This was all as elites warred with one another with what amounted to personal armies. Rome still had expansion and consolidation work ahead of it as it would create Hadrian’s Wall and even see the ports of the Persian Gulf.

Rome in 440AD, and by Rome I mean, the Western Empire, was a basketcase. It had plundered easily conquered lands, that underwent Romanization for centuries. The hard to conquered territory with few good natural defenses lay beyond its reach. They had fought grueling wars with the Parthians for centuries. The empire saw massive currency devaluation, reforms of welfare and whatnot that went nowhere, a major shake up of how the empire was divided and organized, and periods of rapid turnover at the top. The empire had become so complex that the minimum effort needed to keep it humming was beyond the grasp of those in charge. Barbarians had streamed into the realm to the point of being major pieces of the army that formerly had been native stock. Birth rates were a problem and decadence and depravity were widespread. There is a reason that the societal "exit" that Christianity provided proved to be popular with many in the empire.

This is amateur analysis, but the signs I see are of an empire sweating and huffing its way to a doom that the elite don't believe will come. The US has not had a reformer like Julius Caesar to reshape the laws and workings of the government to prepare America for a rebirth. Every answer our post-1932  elite has is for more centralization and more power to fewer people, when the developments in technology are actually pushing capabilities in the opposite direction. Information technology, as well as next step tech like 3D printing and energy conservation efforts, is making it easier for micro-states or just smaller states to provide not just the same level of service as USG but superior... and aligned much closer to its residents' desires and well being. The US elites gladly push for more and more bodies from all over the world (the empire's provinces" into the megalopolis capitals of the homeland. Those are not developments one would see as Rome went from Republic to Empire with the taste of conquering whetting its appetite, but from when Rome crashed from Empire to the barbarian kingdoms that toyed with far different law than the more universal Roman legal approach. Spengler's age of caesars will come, but it will not be in the form of an imperial leader at the head of the US Empire. Those future Faustian Caesars will be leaders of much smaller polities than the America of 2015.

*This post is for a professor of mine Barry Strauss (read his new book on Caesar's assassination), Frederick Ahl and the classics department at Cornell that I could never major in despite strong consideration

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Golf Caught Up With Tiger

The Masters came and went over the weekend. The golf world was swept up in a tournament packed with big names on the leaderboard on the weekend and a 21 year old setting records daily. After a two month break, Tiger Woods played at Augusta National and performed admirably for a rusty guy. One more major slipped by though with him not winning. That Jack Nicklaus record of 18 majors looks tougher to crack since 2008, which was when Tiger last won a major. It is going to get tougher for Tiger and better for golf, but the thing is golf has caught up with Tiger.

Tiger last won a major in June of 2008, which coincidentally was the last major before the PGA tour started drug testing. Sure, Tiger was connected to Canadian PED guru Dr. Galea, has had a series of tendon, ligament and knee injuries, and saw his body weight shift on his 6'1" frame from 175 to 220 to 180, but no one says he did steroids? Sports fans recall sports writers insinuating plenty about players like Nomar Garciaparra who added muscle, lost in and then had tendon and ligament injuries, but Tiger remains untouched. Besides the possibility of Tiger not using the juice anymore, the game itself has changed in ways that remove his former advantages. He is not the oddball who comes in doing things no one else is doing, but instead is one of the many and now 15 years older.

Tiger training hard with weights makes sense from an athletics part, but for the world of golf, was a bit odd for 1997. It is hard to think of it now with how technical many athletes and amateur fitness enthusiasts have become, but even in the late '90s, sports media churned out articles on baseball players starting to lift regularly and using creatine by the truckload. Michael Jordan was secretive about his weight lifting regimen so others would not know, and he would retain an edge. That was in the early '90s. Tiger was playing a game where it was laughable about the physical effort, and the old man's game often had middle aged and even 30 year old professionals who looked soft. It was a skill sport. People looked at the Casey Martin case, and many saw Casey's side because "Golf, heh, like they exert themselves." When Tiger burst onto the scene, he was playing guys like Davis Love III and a young Phil Mickleson who did not look like they had touched a weight in years. Look around golf today. Many of the younger guys now have what appears to be muscle on their frames. They look like regular athletes, not golfers, but also not 'roided up NFL players. Even Phil Mickelson looks more fit than he was 30. If it allows for them an extra 10-15 yards on their drives, Tiger's famous drives from 1997, are no longer ahead of the pack. They all have better endurance to power through Sunday.

Another item, that I have mentioned about Tiger is along the lines of the hyperfocused sports parent becoming more widespread now. The guys who make it professionally are genetically blessed in many ways, but it also comes down to practice and time invested. Leaning on an old New York media canard, saying Keyshawn Johnson was athletically gifted and Wayne Chrebet was a hard worker denigrated both the hard work Johnson put into his craft and the genetic gifsts that Chrebet had. Tiger's own success actually encouraged this odd parental investment, as people saw how Papa Woods was abusing molding a little golfer at 2. People forgot the misery of Todd Marinovich, and focused on the one in a million success of Woods. Do some of these younger golfers have stories like Woods now where mom and dad encouraged, invested resources in and made the sport a job for little John? Maybe, but a 25 year old playing today was a first grader when Woods was splashing onto the scene. A 21 year old might have been in diapers when Woods won his first Masters.

This is the golf world that Tiger plays in now. It is not a staid sport that had little shake ups in approach for years, and Tiger walks in as a 21 year old physical phenom. Tiger is now a 40 year old that looks at his competition and sees many younger men, all working out, who are not afraid of the possible 300 yard Tiger drive (if he can anymore) because they can unleash one as well. This is great for golf fans whether they like Tiger or not. For Tiger haters, the twilight of Tiger's career will be full of him throwing clubs, swearing and stomping around frustrated. For those neutral like me, the sport will see a new wave of well rounded players, and hopefully because more of them are taking advantage of new sport science, the majors will be more competitive. For fans of Tiger, he will win another major. When it happens, it won't be a boring Tiger wins by 10 over a overwhelmed field. He will have to claw, fight and beat back the hungry youngsters who have what it takes to win.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Need a Timekiller, Give Tumblr a Chance

Tumblr is the Mos Eisley of the Internet. You will not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than the crowd that is on Tumblr. It is where SJWs go to shout about their false triumphs, their false rapes, microagressions, their feels and boring little lives. It is also the greatest way to view still photography pornography without making your Internet history look suspicious. Along a similar route, it is a great image depository. Some of the old advertisement pictures I have posted here I found on Tumblr. Tumblr is terrible as a culture, but Tumblr itself is a tool. Deny it, but what is Twitter but an Internet version of the CB radio? Like all tools, it comes down to how you use it.

The hashtag search function can find what you are looking for quickest. It would be a great place to start.

If you are looking for beautiful images, there are plenty of Tumblrs to follow. Just use the search feature, follow a blog or two, and then click on recommendations on the sidebar to amass a stream of European cathedral images or forest and wildlife images. I've been grabbing WW1 images from there to share with you all. Tumblr is far superior to Twitter in this regard.

If you want to check out smut, I'm not going to make recommendations but it is on there. After the purchase by Yahoo!, they blocked uploads of videos, but it looks like the wiz kids have found a way around that.

"I can do that anywhere, so why use Tumblr, 28Sherman?"

If you really want to have fun, use that hashtag to find some psychopaths to follow. It's "Human Zoo Internet". There are plenty of nutjobs. These people get boring after a while, so you need new replacements for a steady rotation. It is like a psychology class on "Modern Western narcissism crossed with Millenial faux sincerity, self esteem issues and SJW vibes". These people use a bunch of other's artwork, photography or quotes to create their digital representation. It is fun because these people are all timestamped 2015.

For several months now, I've followed an incredibly entertaining young British woman here. She's a strong woman of color (WoC) with massive mental issues. Her first Tumblr name was she's got issues. I'm not making it up. She changed it for some reason. By following her, I discovered Indians and whatnot are "taking back the Bindi" because white girls be wearing it for decoration. She posts some "white people steal shit" posts but then defending white people stuff. The most fun besides trolling was when a half black-half white girl called her out for being an attention whore who is dumb enough to post nudes for free. There are social issues to read for yucks from her. Guys, WoC want you to ask them about their background to show interest because we all know how much WoC ask white guys about their heritage (eye roll, dismissive wanking motion). I learned that WoC are strong women until they tell you every fourth post about the time they cried when they did not feel pretty for being a WoC. Besides her nudes and selfies, her photo posts are pretty standard issue for a part Indian-part white woman: many handsome white men, NSFW sex stuff to be edgy, food and rural European scenery with a smattering of ethnic stuff to keep it real. Her posts are now a regular rotation of crap, and I will stop following her shortly (after some trolling). It's not like I can't find nude photos of young WoC anywhere else. I would not post a nude of hers, but I'll post a pic she shared so you all can see this strong WoC, but I've tipped my hand already so you know what is coming.

Strong Woman of Color! "My hair gets frizzy when it is humid! I am not alabaster white! My eyebrows are bushy! Only 90% of the white guys I meet want me! I'm oppressed and carry a burden of being overlooked by white society even though I am part white!" This is why Tumblr is beyond parody.

Middle East Turning to China

Someone noticed the Middle East is pivoting to Asia, with considerable focus on China. This is a fantastic piece about how everyone in the Middle East is figuring out how to deal with American disengagement. I have little to add, as it is pretty thorough, bouncing from nation to nation.

This will not stop in the Middle East. The formula is the same here though as elsewhere with Chinese involvement: trade and economic deals as the US bombs, invades or bullies the nations diplomatically. There is much praise for Chinese handling of the situation, and this all reinforces the message, "China will respect different forms of government". Did the US withhold help for the kidnapped girls in Nigeria due to treatment of gays? Sounds like it, but I doubt China would do the same. China's message: no progressive strings attached, just keep the natural resources and consumer purchases going.


If the Rothkopf name sounds familiar, it is because he is the star subject of this Mondoweiss essay that might as well mark the death of the blue state Jews standing in support of their red state Israeli cousins. Note the two pics used for the Israeli and the Jew who stayed in the US to enjoy the gravy train as the essay explains it. You can spot the traitor to his people. Whites have these contrasts too. That essay explained his declaration of love for the US universalism buffet over his people.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Financial Blogs Worth Reading

The regime's propaganda is pretty thorough and infiltrates all realms of the land. News, culture, sports and even money. We have a FIRE economy, and if you track things, consumer confidence switched from tracking the unemployment number to tracking the financial markets sometime in the '90s. Managing that focus matters. Where do I go to try to read some reality.

First stop is Zero Hedge. I don't stop there now as much as follow ZH on twitter and then click links that look appealing. Some of their contributors are batshit insane, but some are great. The last four years, they have been more right about the Arab Spring, Syria, ISIS and Ukrainian issues than the mainstream media.

Another good catch all stop is David Stockman's Corner. Stockman is like a leftover of the Old Right that finally had enough with the neocon garbage and now later in life is going scorched earth.

One problem is that bears get so bearish that they just look for whatever things feed into their bias. A good bear who does not do that is Lee Adler. He is a self-proclaimed permabear but he will look at flow data and say, "markets going up" due to the reality of liquidity needing to find somewhere to flow to regardless of value. He has a subscription site, so I check his free stuff; he writes elsewhere as well.

Calculated Risk is fun for charts, but that is all I go to him for now. His heyday of tracking, explaining and digging deep on the housing bubble, the bubble's pop and the bubble's residue is now years in the past. When Tanta died, it was the big change in the blog.

For housing, I check Dr. Housing Bubble. I was an old reader from when he started that blog (and commenter), and the guy is top notch. The California bubble is back, using foreign money to sustain US FIRE elites. Another great way to see how the California bubble restarted is watching Jim the Realtor videos of homes for sale. He is ruthless and offers narration of why people get sucked in to "California". Like Jim, Dr. Housing Bubble ties in societal trends too (Millenial woes and college debt), so he is not just a one trick pony. For one trick, Patrick's step by step by step argument against the real estate industry and buying a home is awesome (especially for blue state residents).

Michael Shedlock (Mish) is a good spot to check out, as he mixes anger with logic and reason in a decent dose so that he sounds like Archie Bunker's son if he went to college but came home every weekend. Years ago, he approached California's fiscal crisis with a knife and ran through their budget just using the health and human services spending to close the budget gap, and then reminded everyone that this was just one piece of their budget.

Bruce Krasting is back, but is off and on now with posting. His analysis of the situation with Social Security is the best out there.

Now and Futures has great charts, trends, quotations and '90s web design. Simple check in as they track a lot of different things and use CPI and some site specific CPI adjustments.

Comerica Economic Insights is about the fairest of the data collectors and bloggers out there. They are not doomers, they are not pollyannas, they just collect the numbers and try to make sense of them. One way of viewing them is the idea that a depression might lower 10-15% of your economic potential, but how much of America does that truly hurt and where does it hurt? Can the economy get by and how does it get by at those levels of recession?

A lot of these writers write on each other's sites because the dissident financial web is excluded from the mainstream organs. You will find people on all spots of the political spectrum from left to right to whatever the anti-authoritarian Tyler crowd is.

Monday, April 27, 2015

My Weekly Neoreaction Reads

People sometimes ask me who to read in neoreaction world. What better to do than to make a list of where I check in and what is the image in my head that goes with the narration voice that reels off the words. This is just active spots, but I do check out old Moldbug and Foseti posts. Last year, most of my Nixon, Watergate and Mockingbird posts linked back to something Foseti wrote. Read the archives.

A great place to start your week off on Sunday evening with reading is Mr. Land's Xenosystems. The Chaos Patch is a great round up, and I feel honored when included of things NRX, non-NRX but dark, and just interesting. He has a great habit of picking a prog essay and just pointing out both the thoughtcrime in it and the automatic revulsion the author has to their own thought. His posts are often of a blurb length but thought provoking. I'll put it here because he dodged my question of him but it seems the horror focus is not just on what may yet come but what you may be asked to do for order. I've heard his voice from a video, but I still hear that Tron MCP voice.

Techcomm crossed with horror

Absolutely have to check out Social Matter. My version of MAXIM would definitely have gender focused things that Social Matter has published in it. Their writing is sharp, but you can share the links with normies. The gentrification essay from last year was my pick for best thing I read in '14, and they already published something I'm setting on ice as best of '15 so far. They are pretty polished. Sounds like the original Mad Men crew of young up and coming guys.

Classy, young NRX

The man, Henry Dampier, who churns out more than this humble blog, so I either think he is one guy who does a lot of cocaine drinks a lot of caffeinated beverages or is a team of guys. Either way, great stuff. Smart avatar selection as it is exactly as matter of fact and kind of gruff looking how I imagine the narrator, who would be a privateer or administrator in the British East India Company, reading.

I will ice you with my stare

The guys at More Right not named Mike Anissimov. Much more sporadic, but the quality is exceptionally high. Old school European salon type voices.

More Right when Anissimov posts something that is not just an Evola quote. If there is one thing you need Mike for, it is to find Evola quotes so a smart European can bash modernity for you. Fredo.

Nydwracu, where are you? You write well, and don't blame it on now working. When he writes, definitely read it. No pic. He's a ghost.

Scharlach and Spandrell, I always get them mixed up. Sharp, polished, and you won't think they are writing down to you. This Chinese mango post by Spandrell is just magnificent. I know they are different and unique, but I always view them as Tomax and Xamot.

The linkers who are also thinkers, and not just the best round up guys in town. They create the most complete list for alt-right and neoreaction, Mr. Free Northerner and Mr. Nick Steves. Hearing Free Northerner, I always think of the northern Highland Scots who were the last to be cleared out and some hard ass motherfuckers. Nick, I can't shake that image of Inigo Montoya he used years ago.

Hopefully, when you guys read this, you picture this little blog with the smooth delivery of....

Have a drink, read the posts, check out the random chicks, and adjust to the normal commenters that make up Norm, Cliff, Frasier and the rest of the gang.

Space for Rioters Starts Young

At this location roughly ten years ago. "United Way "Day of Caring" volunteers sit on a pre-school floor, listening to Head Start instructors explain their program. Statistics are grim, and the stories even worse. "Juvenile incarceration rates are lowered but still in double digits", "We have a van that picks the kids up, but only if a parent walks them to the van and buckles them in" and grim but incredibly funny after a teacher explained the pet bird died, a little boy asked "waz he shot?". The crowd of volunteers there was already visibly bothered by the underclass stories and a couple of working moms were bug eyed over the idea of women voluntarily sending their little kids to Head Start when they did not work and stayed at home. We then heard about the "anger room". Not all quotes exact, but the memory is stuck in my mind's filing cabinet.

Instructor: "We'll need one of you to wash and paint the walls of the anger room. Removing furniture and toys shouldn't take long."

28Sherman: "What's the anger room? Is it like a time out room if the kids are bad in class?"

Instructor: "It's a room where kids can express themselves."

28Sherman: "But you called it the anger room."

Instructor: "Because it's a kind of therapy room."

28Sherman: "Then why not call it the therapy room?"

Instructor: "Because kids go there when they are really stressed and we let them act out their anger and frustration."

>keep in mind this is a Head Start, now I had to ask<

28Sherman: "Do they have stuffed animals to hug?"

Instructor: "No, not quite, there are stuffed animals. They have sticks and equipment they can be rougher with in there, so they aren't rough outside the anger room."

>The room was silent. Awkward. I needed an out, and I like to paint<

28Sherman: "I'll volunteer to do that first thing."

Another volunteer and I found a room full of stuffed animals that looked like they were beaten to shit by years worth of weak little kids. The kids had small little carboard tubes, hollow plastic tubes that were collected from other toys that probably had broken down and some toy drum sticks. The Head Start did not want the little kids to think or learn to feel and process their anger. They just wanted them to beat the shit out of a stuffed tiger and get it out of their system. What we never asked was, "what does a kid do to get put into the anger room?" or "how is a 3 year old already this beserk?" I had not thought of the dysfunctional and wasteful Head Start since the last time I told the "Waz he Shot?" perfect punchline a while back.

I thought of it today after reading about the Mayor of Baltimore saying she ordered police to give space for the rioters to destroy, loot and harm citizens and businesses in the city.

I never donated to the United Way ever again.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

When Adelson Buys Me Maxim

In the spirit of writing on the media, I had been kicking around how I would reconfigure MAXIM if I ever purchased it. Why not bring two people together, myself and Sheldon Adelson. Look Sheldon, Shelly, this funding campaigns on the right is not helping you since the real voting is done in the press. You front the cash, and it would be very little cash, and give me full editorial control of MAXIM and other young male media properties, and I'll help in the "single male" voting demo since your GOP guys do poorly with unmarried voters. If I push enough unmarried men one way voting or encourage them not to, they'll drag along their baby mammas or at least the single women they sleep with to do the same. Shelly, I won't bring up Israel and uhhh, the weird relationship i has with America, and you don't stop me from mentioning anything else.

MAXIM sold for roughly $20 mil a short while back, so when circulation declines further, I'll scarf it up even cheaper, but what if I had the Newsweek $1 deal for MAXIM. How would I reorg MAXIM to be subversive and be a men's magazine? There are ten issues a year, a heavy military readership, and a website to supply with content, so let me have some fun with this. With or without Adelson's green, 28 Sherman Inc takes out debt heroin debt sugar friendly financing to run Maxim with no intent on turning a profit, but we can bust the MAXIM name out for our gain and mock the world around us. How many moves do we make and how do we reorg it?

1. Fire everyone writing for them whether full time or contract.

2. Reach out to readers for participation like a giant fishing net for dysfunctional content. Set up the website so that monthly content is showcased but each day of the week has a specific new content comedic skewering of the way we live now:

Single Mom Mondays - A post, including pics of any single mom arrested or acting a fool wherever she can be found. This goes for "reality" television, celebrities, Dr. Phil, Steve Wilkos, Facebook Insanity. If you find her, send her in for us and we will mock her.
Twitter/Tumblr Attention Whore Tuesdays - Send us the twitter feeds of the biggest attention whores you know. Men, women, it does not matter. Their Instagram accounts would help so we can mock their food pictures.
Wall Wednesdays - As it sounds, photos of women who have hit the wall. Celebrities, models, regular women. It does not matter. The closer the before after so we can pinpoint the wall contact, the better. If some starlet who was hot 8-10 years ago has hit the wall and has not made films in years, tell us. We want the impact documented. I've seen examples of this on Twitter. See below. Christ.
Thirsty Thursdays - A drink review, a bar review or a obscure alcohol type review.
Touchy Teacher Thursdays - Spotlight one teacher who molested a male student and the lack of jail time or odd behavior by the school.
Fantastic Fridays - Reader submitted, but edited, review of their last weekend and why it was the best weekend experience in the nation as inspiration for the coming weekend. Winner gets the party pack from whatever terrible alcohol we have an advertising buy from for the online ads.
Facebook Cat Lady Fridays - Send me the profiles of Facebook cat ladies.
Fattie Fridays - Photos of fatties who think they're hot. The Internet is full of these women.
Sexy Saturday - Anything involving the realm of sex. 
What if people catch on and the well runs dry of people being idiots online? Good. If women think before attention whoring online, we changed wider society. The magazine does not need to succeed. We just want to nudge conversations in a different direction.

3. That is nice and all but what of content? I fired the writers, so I need people to write about stuff for guys and not as geldings who surf the web for cat pictures.

Money - A writer like the Captain, as well as others, to help men navigate the world of money. Might also be good to discuss the going or not going college debate. In the back to school issue in the late summer or early fall, have a roundtable on the merits of college. Bring up the different paths to a BA to minimize cost. Who knows how many high school guys we might save from applying to college a couple of months later?

Travel - Country reviews. Guy like Roosh to give the ins and outs of a nation for a fun male trip. Maybe steady non-e-book income would allow him to not be so touchy with the forum banning and block list. The issue prior to Brazil's Carnivale can have a roundtable of men who have been multiple times and give insight beyond "it's crazy and full of hot bitches". Not just fun. I also want horror stories. I want SWPL trips to the Congo gone wrong (hypothetical)."I was buying liquor in the cutest, undiscovered by travel agents Honduran town between rain forest hikes when the federales left upset they didn't get their weekly bribe. Next thing I know I was bleeding through my Outkast '98 College Tour Tee, holding a shattered bottle of tequila as masked men machine gunned the store. The alcohol in my system slowed my pulse down enough for me to not bleed out," Stefan Dobber, Vassar '08. Ten issues a year for ten reports on nations.

Health - Lifting and diet. Let Mangan run with his non-PC medical approach to fitness. Open minded approach of different things. Maybe a juicebro or two? One rule: no abs specials. I will take a Singapore cane to your abs if you suggest an abs special. This is not a gay men's magazine.

Game/Sex - A sharpened sword like Heartiste (he could find a new male pseudonym from "The Story of O" to write under) with several thousand words at play for a huge audience may save a man from divorce theft. Make a mockery of relationship therapy Q&A columns by having a dark Q&A column. We can make up the questions just like Dear Prudie does. Follow up a column with a science blurb or graphic that offers help or refutes standard dating advice found elsewhere.

Marriage - Between the writers in the realm of Dalrock or Hawaiian Libertarian as well as divorced guys, an "ins and outs of marriage" column could be appreciated by the readers. Readers are single guys, but if they have an eye on marriage an article on "profile of a good wife" or "what to look for" in a roundtable setting would be appealing. Could we have a "You found her but how to talk her into a family but without getting officially married" special article?

Divorce/Family Court - Discuss the law. Discuss wrapping it up. Pre-nups that somehow don't stick. Discuss the 2nd set of books that say things are fair but the judges are instructed to preserve the mother-child bond if at all possible. Horror stories. Not just celebrities, which would be marvelous to report on, but regular joes. The Johnny Carson divorce alone would be a great report. Michael Strahan's divorce is another where she left and got 90%, plus insinuated gay accusations without any proof. We live in a media world that tries to portray "trapping" people with kids as men forcing women to have children when we all know a friend who has been trapped by a woman.

Which leads to politics...

Politics/Society - Dripping liquified redpillery into the tonic of reporting. Be outside the fake two sided political spectrum by pointing out, for example, the left's naked power grabs with gimmedats but also the right's white knighting and fairy tale view of women. Push the single guys rightward or push them out of voting entirely in a system that is legally stacked against them. Write an article just on the messaging for young girls vs. young boys. Hype headlines like "Public Schools Are Child Abuse for Boys". Your audience is men who just left that system and may have been doped up to keep them "compliant". Think a guy like Chuck Ross with an extended deadline could cook up a great story like the "The Kangaroo Courts of Campus Rape". Matt Forney reporting with a faux undercover gimmick on the latest insane trend in the SJW or SWPL set.

This is all a pipe dream, and advertisers would run and hide. Could receptive minds take a fresh look at the world if the articles in between the photoshopped pictorials were razor sharp and red pilled? Possibly. A man can dream. As time marches on and advertising revenue dwindles, I'll only need about $2 million to purchase the entity in a few years. There has to be enough start up scratch for that. One deal generation team at a private equity firm could pitch this to some gullible college endowment. Come on Sheldon, don't let someone else beat you to this new venture. If you kick in some extra coin, we can set up a few women I know to run Redbook and Cosmo.

*Some people do links or recommendations posts. I try to be creative about it.