Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Social Matter Weimerica Weekly - Pokemon Go

This week's Weimerica Weekly is up. It covers the Pokémon Go fad. This is a shorter episode that covers what the game is, who is playing it and how it is drawing safe spacers and basement dwellers out into reality. This is very Weimerican to rely on a game to make people perform normal actions with their environment, but here we are. There are sad things, too. This is the broken down circus that is our culture.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Progressive Approved Colonialism

In the progressive world, colonialism is bad. It is only ever European colonialism that is discussed and considered the most wretched form of cultural warfare on the planet. Forget Arab, Mongol, Chinese, etc. colonial expansion. Colonialism is blamed for Africa's decolonization ills. Colonialism is even used as a comparison for gentrification. Colonialism is wicked.

Except for progressive implemented colonialism. While the American southwest is undergoing an occupation, there is a much more overt form of colonialism in the West. Immigration policies that settle thousands or millions of supposed refugees are an active representation of colonialism. Consider the definition: political control of an area, occupying it with settlers and exploiting the area economically. This is a progressive definition, but it applies. The most disgusting example of how our modern day immigration policies have turned into full throttle colonialism is in Sweden.

A tiny Swedish island with a population of 137 souls will house a 2,000 person migrant centre with modular housing. This is as blatant as one can get. After assuming power and destroying the republics of the West, the progressives changed the post-war immigration policies. The political victors occupied our governments and have steadily occupied territory with third world settlers beholden to the regime. These settlers vote for the regime's inner party, which then can divvy up the economic goods and steer economic policy to push more of GDP towards its cronies and patrons.

Sending 2,000 migrants to an island of 137 is nothing but flooding an area with an alien culture and population. Something tells me the institutional, architectural and medical wonders that old colonialism brought to the third world will not spring forth from the third world migrants settled the island. If lucky, the Swedish government or Saudi royal family will kick money to the island to build a mosque.

This is colonialism. This is progressive approved. This is meant to ensure their power. The regime thinks they can manage it. Decolonization resulted in the deaths of millions. Let us hope this new colonization process does not result in more.

Monday, July 25, 2016

DNC Leaks & Corruption

The DNC Leaks have been a fun media event to watch unfold. If not for Breitbart's attention and the NY Post, very few mainstream people would even know about them. The media being the public relations team for the Democrats is nothing new to us, but it might be new to the uninitiated who still think "if not Fox news, it's neutral". Mother Jones writers asked if there was anything newsworthy, playing the damage down. There is a new reveal: pay-to-play corruption.

Chuck Ross's report details how the Democrats kept a lineup of donors that would be linked to placing spots on boards and commissions. This is simple donate and you get a spot somewhere. The donors on the list vary in amount given, industry and all other traits. Their only common feature is being Clinton donors, not a single Sanders donors. The positions are not listed explicitly except for a mention of the USPS, but there is an email explaining how NEA might be too "prestigious" but there are commissions and spots galore.

Henry Sumner Maine's publication Popular Government cited the wire pullers. These were the men who could split power, round up the votes, fan the flames + agitate for voting, and their services or the power they could grant would be sold. These men, and nowadays women, are constantly seeking new voters, new issues and new conflicts to inflame. The gain is theirs, and they care not what social and civil conflict they may begin if it only gives them more power and financial reward.

These positions are sinecures as a spot on the "President's Commission on the Celebration of Women in American History" does not seem like work. This explains the government's expansion: more spots to fill with cronies. Unless the most naïve individual, this leak only confirms our corruption. This is an older game, and one where the worst examples affect policy. In 1992, it should have raised alarms that the head of Bill Clinton's Wall Street fundraising drive, Ken Brody, left Goldman Sachs' management committee to become head of the Ex-IM bank and transform it into an aggressive tool. Brody was under Robert Rubin at Goldman at the time, who also went on to be economic consiglieri for Clinton and orchestrate the silent bankers' coup.

This is important to note for quid pro quo because the American media loves to point out Chinese, Russian, Eastern European and Third World corruption. America just formalizes it in the form of campaign contributions and electoral support. We are no different. Academia, the media and the bureaucracy run our system, but legitimacy relies on selling it. Our system relies on the vote for legitimacy (public mandate), and therefore winning that vote is the most important public face. It only makes sense that our river of corruption run in the direction of campaign management.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Social Matter - Meaning, Globalism and Death

This week's essay is up at Social Matter. It is on the system the progs have created allowing for disaffected elements to seek meaning through negative outlets to their tribe's struggle. Nationalism and Globalism will continue to duel. One thing I wrote on in December and strongly recommend you consider with regards to Islam is that their jihad is the struggle for the caliphate so while a clash of civilizations between Islam and the West, it's not Islam vs. Christianity. It is Islam vs. the Cathedral/Regime. The regime will have its hands full as more jihads (struggles) collect within its domain.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Trump's Speech and SM Preview 51

Trump's speech was a cross between what you find on Radix, on Social Matter, at Heartiste's place and at Steve Sailer's blog. There was some pandering, but it read like a mix-up of all of those sources. This was a repudiation of not just W's GOP, but the last forty years of the GOP. In between the lines, you can see the real reason why the media is freaking out: this is junking the empire as it stands now. The regime needs and wants that empire to stand. External is connected to internal.

Thiel teed Trump up by specifically citing that instead of Mars we went to fight in the middle east. Thiel spoke of rebuilding America. A great comment was how Thiel said everywhere in the past was high tech in America, and he makes a great point that points to technological stagnation. We have advances now, but where is the average level of tech in the distributed economy? America had many sources of manufacturing and scientific research and development in the past. Now we have Silicon Valley as the flashy focal point.

The media has been painting Trump a racist to scare aware whites who give a shit and blacks who maybe bump the GOP line up to 15% instead of 5%. The media has also been calling Trump a loose cannon who will start wars when his policy points in contrast to everyone else is one of pacifism. Strong, yes, secure, sure, but not seeking the fight. No more nation building. No more regime change. Build back home... change the regime back home. This is a man seeking the presidency who wants to dial back the USG empire.
Trump's speech in contrast to Ted Cruz's antics reveals the split in the Beltway versus the ground floor in America. The disconnect is revealed by one man planning for four years out thinking it will go back to 2004, and one man knowing four years out is going to be a different world.

Where does this go? We will see. Win or lose, nothing will be the same again. This might be the most telling point.

We didn't see this big a collective freakoutin the media after 9/11.
— Fred Oathill(@Oathill80) July 22, 2016


I had nothing at Social Matter last week as I had a vacation with family. Of course the world decided to continue to unravel with terror attacks, cop killings and coups. This week I will tackle how some of those things tie together, and next week's Weimerica Weekly is either on the PokemonGo phenomenon or a conversation I had with a pop culture reaction/altright writer. We will see.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

WW1 - When Germans Prayed

One hundred years ago, German soldiers prayed prior to battle. Prayed to Jesus and in a Christian manner. Germans who pray now, pray to Allah. An opinion survey showed that only 18% of Germans would fight for their country. They lost their two wars, and then the victors psychologically destroyed them.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Note On Trump's Nomination

Last night the convention went through the formalities of officially determining the nominee. Hadn't #NeverTrump promised a floor fight? Hadn't they promised to force a second vote when the delegates wouldn't be bound? Hadn't they huffed and puffed like always only to back down? Yes. It was over. Trump had won. There is a long road ahead, and Trump will most likely show how the leviathan in DC must be burned to the ground in its entirety, but this was a start.

To all, the nights of Iowa through Florida were magical. Whether tweets, DMs or Chatroomscompletely amazing. Destroyed a party.
— SOBL1 (@SOBL1) July 20, 2016
The above tweet started a thread that is much more sentimental than I get on Twitter. It was genuine. Politics is theatre or sports entertainment for the unathletic, but Trump made us doubt. There was something fantastic about watching a bunch of trolls and cynical bastards tune into debates and analyze them. Chatrooms were legitimately on fire to see if the Trump would be stumped. The best nights were those first few primaries. The hardest trolls on the earth were anxious kids about the results. I swear the Virginia primary results were the most anticipated "Just fucking call it" moments of the entire season.

It was still about the man, big T. Trump got on that stage and laid into Jeb Bush, and without Jeb, Trump doesn't win. Trump needed a foil. Jeb became Trump's white whale, and for those of us who wished the GOP destroyed, Jeb was our white whale. The $150 million was shoved in our face as proof that donors were out of touch and would buy the nomination. Every insult, every dismissal of Jeb's sincerity or motives due to his Mexican wife, and every mention of Jeb's 3% in the polls was a swipe at the entire Bush dynasty and legacy. Observing your tweets and messages, it was like a group therapy session where someone started to yell at their abuser and the rest of the room chipped in.

As I stated on Twitter, everyone mattered. Chicano Studies Major at MPC coined the term cuckservative, and it has blown up to the point where the GOPe losers tried to claim it like fags did with queer. Memes, images, nicknames, it was magic. Rick Wilson talked about masturbation on television. Other journalists lost it on television. Jews ran to the NY Times and other media outlets to complain about nobody accounts taunting them. Marco Rubio's campaign was destroyed by his robotic behavior, Trump gently reminding everyone Rubio was a choke artist, and real life trolls dressing as robots chasing Rubio around. Ricky Vaughn went from a guy with 300 followers who was funny to an officially listed election influencer. I know the encouraging DMs I received were a boost, and I can only imagine what Ricky received.

People didn't think it would happen but those nights watching results, there was suspense. Messaging was intense. Everyone became an analyst. People dug deep into county results. All the while, taunting pundits at every turn. Ben Howe got a divorce and I legitimately worried someone would bully him into a suicide. Erick Erickson had a security detail. It ran both ways. In between lulz, "the winning", and Trump getting the Pope to BTFO, there were times where it got rough. Hate mail and death threats come people's way. Ricky got threats. DemsRRealRacist almost quit. Ricky Vaughn has transcended trolling and is a brand now (like Weev). DemsRRealRacist is the last political comedian in America.

This doesn't end. This is the beginning. The Left is firmly in power and has such totalitarian control that every big business does what the Left politically wants. They control the megaphone, the schools, and are the regime. Reality is getting in the way though. Their minority pets aren't behaving. The Narratives are crumbling faster. The white Left are humorless Puritans. They are unhappy people who seek status and joy through having a slice of political power and feeling they are righteous... right before they pop SSRIs and enjoy a scheduled cuddle class before going home to their cats and Internet porn. The Left, this regime, finally has an opponent that is willing to fight back and have fun doing it.

Happy hunting.