Friday, May 27, 2016

Venezuelan Opportunities + SM Review-Preview 46

Maybe this is a bit too Evola, but where are the heroic adventurers? Why is no one forming a mercenary band and going after jihadis or random sub-Saharan African crackpots or storming islands for a pirate base? The answer is the great centralization allows for international law and forces to prevent it. There is no high power that would support it. That is a key, as the "international community' would crack down on Western based adventurers (Neutrality Act FTW). Is the energy gone? Would men even do this if given the chance?

I thought of this when reading about Venezuela. An external force aligned with Venezuela's opposition could possibly cause enough chaos to oust Maduro or topple Maduro in entirety and then act as a preatorian guard for the new regime. Channeling the thoughts and words of the BronzeAgePervert, "warriors would take Venezuelan warbrides for planting seeds". Taking it down several notches, what if you just ran a food smuggling operation? Pack a ton of food on a boat and smuggle it into Venezuela. There must be something in trade that one could sneak back into the US. Let's get some smuggling operations going.Pretty sure there'd be some hot Venezuelan smuggling dames for the taking.

Venezuelans are killing animals in the street to eat. There has to be some opportunity. Maybe you could use a Christian mission trip as cover....


Last week I wrote on the unmentionable nations around the globe, and Venezuela is near tops of the list. It is news editing at an earlier stage of reporting. Weimerica Weekly was about the weird things Americans do with their pets now. This week I will discuss the oil related ticking time bomb in Africa that may take the migrant crisis and immivasion to a whole new level.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

WW1: Russian Fighter Pilot In Color

Colorized photo of a Russian pilot in front of his plane in 1916. It truly is amazing not the technological advances in fighter planes since WW1, but the cost and boondoggle that they have become. There is the fight over design, requirements, funding, needs, project timeline and then the counter programs to measure if it is needed and we can't just keep using the current generation of fights. This pilot's plane was state of the art in 1916, but far simpler in design and far cheaper.

Have you read about the F35, its problems, or that it kills pilots who eject? Can it even beat the F16? Think of what Ilya up there needed with his propeller powered plane, and consider what we want from ours. Night and day. Needs change and the reasons, true and fraudulent, behind the needs change as well.

Great jacket.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Pets

This week's Weimerica Weekly is up. It covers pets and the weird rise of pet culture. This is not simply having a pet. This is not maybe going a bit further and buying Cat Fancy magazine. I touch on topics like pet birthday cakes and cats in strollers, but I also discuss pet insurance and pet pharmaceuticals. These are growth industries. There must be a reason. There is one, and it is quite Weimerican.

Social Matter's Patreon

Social matter has plans for 2016 and beyond. They now have a donate page. There is a Patreon page. I have written before I would never ask for money on this blog. Still stands. Social Matter is a different ball of wax with different goals.

For just $25/month, you could fund a kid in Kenya or for $25/month, you could fund shitlord research and journalism. Our side is going to need foot soldiers and fighters, and we are also going to need thinkers and a systematic approach to fight. Where do you want your money going? With my writing on Social matter, I can tell you some interesting folks have reached out to me. The ideas we discuss and the samizdat that we write end up leaking out into the broader political realm.

All help is appreciated.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Pope of Moldbuggians

Have you read him? The man who is the title holder for greatest acolyte of Moldbug. Only he truly knows what Moldbug was writing in those 10,000 word essays. Only he has a firm grasp on reality. Only he understands power. Well, him and like 5 or 6 people who truly know Moldbug, who himself is 100% correct. I hereby nominate him for the Pope of Moldbuggians.

Reactionary Future is a must read. RF produces good pieces like this on division of power. His post on power dictating culture is spot on and I agree 100%. The Cultural Marxist puppets you see on TV are nothing without backing from powerful elites. He discusses power and culture in other posts such as this good short one. He who has power dictates the culture. The incredibly short post but correct De Jouvenal post on the high-low strategy is something I agree with 100%. He writes a lot of great stuff. I read his blog weekly.

Ever meet someone addicted to conflict? It is a weird trait of modern times, and maybe these types existed before, but some people just love to have conflict. They love just to argue and have some conflict for the feel of battle. It is annoying. This writer seems to be one of those types. For every great essay there is an eye-roll inducing "I'm more reactionary than you, you suck" post. He writes posts where he creates conflict for the sake of it. Here he is talking past Nick Land if you will, and here he is arguing with no one for the sake of arguing and saying he is the best Moldbug acolyte of all. He is more reactionary than thou.

The Pope of Moldbuggians shall be "Reactionary Future". He is a good writer. I highly recommend his blog. The attitude is rather annoying, but tolerable for the other gems at his blog. A phrase of advice is, "Lighten up Francis".

Monday, May 23, 2016

A List of Unmentionable Nations

As a follow up to yesterday's post at Social Matter on unmentionable nations, what exactly would the 2016 list look like? We all know there are basketcase nations all over the globe. Many simply do not get the attention they deserve or the ink that American media should spill with regards to their importance to Americans. Steve Sailer is very fond of mocking the focus on Middle Eastern sand states versus anywhere else with the wink wink nudge nudge being the Israeli friendly donor class. Who would make the list?

Socialism Fails

1. Cuba - I recently saw an essay that described a port in Cuba as an environmental horror show, but the media skipped over how Castro's regime made it so. The recent trip Obama made to Cuba was met wit a lot of silence and glossing over communism's failures on that island.

2. Venezuela - As I wrote on Sunday, this is socialism/communism failing in real time. All the bills are coming due. This is also a nation that has seen its white population flee and hit a 40% line, so if you want a preview for the 2050s for America, here it is.

3. Brazil - Forever portrayed as sexy yet what else have they got? Always America's glorious beige future but goddamn, what a failure that has horrible educational attainment and rides the commodity booms and busts still. Brazil should avoid a hyperinflation but they have become so pozzed that a military coup and junta rule is now out of the question.

HBD Fails

1. Zimbabwe - Our sphere has covered the collapse from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe in one generation. Nice going progs. International community really murdered a nation there.

2. South Africa - Same as Zimbabwe but even worse because South Africa started from a higher level and has far greater natural resources. This is also an example of the Western world focusing all its hate in one direction and then walking away the moment mission accomplished was shown on the screen.

3. Haiti - You will only hear about Haiti after a natural disaster.
3a. The Dominican Republic - You will never hear about the Dominican Republic because it shares an island with Haiti and any news that is not voodoo child eating would make it look phenomenal versus Haiti, forcing some people to ask why.


1. Decolonization is covered pretty well by David Lamb in his book "The Africans". Read up on any of those nations for the horrors they inflicted on their fellow citizens once colonial rule ended. Even borderline success stories are awful. I recently shared a plane ride with a physician who spent 4 months in Kenya. He was retired and does the doctors without borders thing. His opinion of Kenya's government was "string them up and bring back colonial rule". Mild mannered midwestern doctor said that.

2. Democratic Republic of Congo - Radish has a spectacular long, sourced section on the Congo. They have had millions dead from their bizarre mining practices (for your Iphone materials) and civil war. I'd add in a rape rate that would trigger any woman, feminist or not. It was not always so, but alas, the International Community forced it.

Successful Nations

1. Switzerland - Just a nation of gun owners with a low crime rate. Nothing to see here.

2. Japan - Talk of low fertility makes it to American news broadcasts but never how they are dealing with a greying population (robots) or why there are no babies. Japan gets the "ha-ha" on their economy for the lost decades, but everyone I know who goes there comes back raving about the place. Maybe there is something to incredibly strict immigration laws.

3. Chile - Pinochet was bad. Pinochet may have killed 10,000. Pinochet was a fascist!!!! Pay not attention to Chile's growth and success compared to the rest of the continent since Pinochet took control in the '70s.

Incredibly Important Due To Immigration

1. Mexico - Is it a rising state? Is it a failed state? Should we worry that cartels control the nation? Should we worry about their habits and customs? This might be important because we already have 40 million of them living in America.

There are probably others Foreign nations can only be discussed when an event happens that can be used to the Left's advantage in America. This is amplified by the closing down of foreign offices. As the media has lost revenue, they have cut foreign offices. Where do we get our information on foreign countries from? Charlatans like Ben Rhodes.


If you know of any good examples of nations that will not be named, please put them in the comments.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Social Matter - Unmentionable Nations

New essay is up at Social Matter. It is on the odd phenomenon of unmentionable nations. Why do these nations escape the headlines despite sensational events? How do they escape notice? Why do we not hear more about them? Everything in our regime comes back to domestic politics. Something must always play to the Left's needs and strengths for it to hit the news, no matter how macabre.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Trump Brigades + SM Review-Preview 45

Trump has terrifying online brigades. I am not lying. Commentary Magazine wants you to believe it. Why did they write that we are brigades? It makes the legion of online trolls sound like an online SA. Ricky Vaughn got publicity, so this man, this online account that had 300 followers a little over a year ago, now commands 27,000 followers and frightens well fed conservative writers. What a Potemkin village!

Land notes the narrative forming that this might be an NRX presidency, which it is not. I would push back by stating that the article was very explicit how neoreaction is not impressed with Trump because he does not go far enough. The interesting thing is to see the media graft NRx onto the altright in this mix of aggressive opponents of neocons. It is far scarier if opponents have a collection of thought and philosophy instead of just tearing down their structures. As I have typed many times, NRx and the Altright are different but we both see the same sickness and we both see the same problems.

Let's get rid of the jokers. We can split the spoils later.


Last week I wrote about the DC Metro being a disaster. It is a disaster because of the Left's ideology. Form over function will prevent any fix, and they must pay off their voting blocs with sinecures. Unfortunately, those sinecures involve real functions like track maintenance, design and management. Weimerica Weekly discussed the current divide in the Democratic party. I then spotlighted a small local race that reflects that divide. I threw in some "Just Like Us" news bits that show how the glorified gay voting bloc is not so glorious. I even sang for you.